Winter Park Kayak: Discover the Beauty of the Chain of Lakes

A person standing next to a body of water

Welcome to Winter Park, a city known for its scenic beauty and rich history. Prepare yourself for an unforgettable adventure as we take you on a kayak tour through the picturesque Winter Park Chain of Lakes. Get ready to immerse yourself in Venetian-style canals and explore the tranquil waters surrounded by lush vegetation and stunning million-dollar homes.

A Journey Through the Chain of Lakes

Our adventure commences at Dinky Dock Park, conveniently located next to Rollins College. The tour will guide you through three of the seven breathtaking lakes, offering a captivating two-hour experience. Upon arrival, your knowledgeable tour guide will provide an overview of the paddle and ensure everyone is prepared for the adventure ahead.

A Unique Sunset Experience

For those who choose the Sunset Paddle, you’ll be treated to a front-row seat to Winter Park’s most picturesque sunset. Watch as the vibrant colors paint the sky, creating a magical ambiance that perfectly complements your kayak journey. It’s an opportunity to witness the beauty of nature in all its glory.

Glow in the Dark Adventure

If you’re seeking a truly enchanting experience, our glow-in-the-dark tour is a must-try. Equipped with LED lights, our kayaks illuminate the water, creating a mesmerizing spectacle as you paddle through the canals. Prepare to be amazed as fish dart alongside your kayak, drawn to the captivating glow.

A person sitting in front of a body of water

Exploring the Canals and Lakes

We begin our journey in Lake Virginia, where your guide will provide basic paddling instructions and share interesting facts about Rollins College and the lake itself. As we venture further, you’ll find yourself surrounded by Venetian-style canals adorned with lush greenery and elegant Spanish moss canopies, providing a natural shade to keep you cool throughout your exploration. These canals were once used for logging transportation, adding a touch of history to the mesmerizing scenery.

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Leaving the canal, we enter Lake Osceola, the largest lake on our route. While admiring the open waters, your guide will point out the diverse flora and fauna that call Winter Park home. Look out for the captivating sight of giant lily pads visible through the crystal-clear bottom of your kayak. Bird enthusiasts will be thrilled to spot various avian species, including herons, egrets, and even Anhingas.

As we paddle further, we arrive at the entrance of the Venetian Canal, the longest canal in the chain. Prepare to be amazed by the semi-tropical vegetation that lines the banks, alongside more magnificent million-dollar homes and their charming boat houses. Keep your eyes peeled for playful otters and the occasional turtle sighting as we make our way through this scenic waterway.

Lake Maitland: The Grand Finale

Our final destination is Lake Maitland, home to some of the most exquisite estates on our tour. The stunning lake serves as the grand finale and turnaround point. Before heading back, take a moment to appreciate Kraft Azalea Gardens, a picturesque park known for its enchanting backdrops, perfect for weddings, engagements, and photo shoots. Soak in the serene atmosphere and the beauty that surrounds you before concluding the adventure.

What to Bring

To make the most of your Winter Park kayak tour, come prepared with the following essentials:

  • Hats
  • No shoes (we kindly ask that you don’t wear shoes in the kayak)
  • Water (please avoid glass or styrofoam containers)
  • Clothes you don’t mind getting wet (our paddles may cause a few droplets)
  • Camera/Phone Camera (we provide small dry bags to keep your belongings safe)
  • Towel (ideal for drying off after the activity)
  • Change of clothes
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Book Your Winter Park Adventure

Embrace the beauty of Winter Park and immerse yourself in the tranquil waters of the Chain of Lakes. Discover the captivating canals, flora, fauna, and the exquisite estates that adorn the shores. Book your Winter Park kayak tour today and let us guide you through an unforgettable experience.