The Future of Tackle Storage: Wilderness Systems Kayak Crate

In the world of kayak fishing, tackle storage systems have come a long way. Gone are the days of using repurposed plastic milk crates and zip-tied rod holders. Today, inventive anglers, engineers, and product designers have reimagined important kayak fishing accessories, including tackle crates. Wilderness Systems, known for its innovative kayaks, has now expanded its product line to include the Kayak Krate—a clever reinvention of the familiar tackle crate.

A New Era of Innovation

The Kayak Krate from Wilderness Systems is a pre-molded tackle storage system that requires minimal assembly. The main casing and lids are pre-hinged, providing convenience and saving time. As you unbox the Krate, you’ll find all the necessary hardware neatly organized in separate bags. The assembly process is straightforward, thanks to pre-drilled screw holes. Once assembled, the Krate showcases a visually pleasing design with rounded edges and vibrant colors that set it apart from other options on the market.

Assembly Made Easy

With a common 5 mm hexagonal allen wrench, attaching the rails becomes a breeze. These rails elevate the rod holders, allowing the Krate to fit securely in a narrow tankwell. The flexibility of mounting the rod holders vertically or at an angle caters to individual preferences. Additionally, the Krate provides six plastic loops that serve multiple purposes, including the option to mount additional rod holders if desired.

Space for All Your Gear

Storage space is a crucial factor when considering a tackle storage system. The Kayak Krate offers various compartments and trays to accommodate your fishing essentials. The top lid features three shallow compartments of different sizes, ideal for organizing smaller items. The main compartment opens with the release of two rubber bungee balls, revealing enough space to fit between 8 and 12 3600 size Plano trays.

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A notable feature of the Kayak Krate is its versatility. It can be customized to fit your specific needs and preferences. The engineers at Wilderness Systems have created a functional storage solution that can be used as is or modified to suit individual tastes. With the ability to secure the Krate in multiple ways, anglers can focus on their fishing experience without worrying about gear organization.

Tested for Performance

Field tests have proven the durability and functionality of the Kayak Krate. Despite being top-heavy with the extender rails and rod holders attached, the Krate remains stable when properly secured to the kayak. Even in windy conditions, the lid does not create drag or slam shut unexpectedly. The rod holders prevent the Krate from tilting too far, ensuring gear stays in place even during rough waters.

While the Krate is not entirely waterproof, keeping the lids closed in rainy conditions will protect your gear from potential damage. As for wave activity, the rod holders extend over the kayak’s top-side surface, preventing the Krate from tipping overboard. Additionally, the Krate’s aesthetically pleasing design sets it apart from other tackle storage systems, combining functionality and visual appeal.

The Perfect Tackle Storage Solution

Overall, the Wilderness Systems Kayak Krate offers anglers a convenient, customizable, and visually appealing solution for their tackle storage needs. With its easy assembly, ample storage space, and tested performance, this innovative system sets a new standard in the industry. Whether you’re an experienced angler or just starting your kayak fishing journey, the Kayak Krate will elevate your fishing experience.

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Note: This article is a modified version of an article originally published on the Get Outdoors Pedal and Paddle website by Hank Veggian, a respected multi-species freshwater kayak angler.