Watersnake Kayak Trolling Motor: A Review of Functionality and Mounting Options


Are you a kayaking enthusiast looking to enhance your experience on the water? Adding an electric motor to your kayak can provide an extra boost and make your adventures even more exciting. In this article, we will delve into the functionality and mounting options of the Watersnake Kayak Trolling Motor. Join us as we explore the features and considerations of this motor, ensuring a seamless integration into your kayaking endeavors.

Why Choose a Kayak Motor Mount?

For beginners and seasoned kayakers alike, the idea of having a motor in addition to paddling can be intriguing. The Watersnake T24 electric motor, with its ability to push an average-sized kayak at speeds up to 5km/h, caught our attention. While numerous YouTube videos and DIY solutions exist for mounting motors on kayaks, the Watersnake Kayak Motor Mount stood out as a purpose-built option, patented by Watersnake themselves. It seemed like the logical choice for our kayaking needs.

Exploring Mounting Options

To our disappointment, the practicality of the Watersnake Kayak Motor Mount didn’t align seamlessly with our particular kayak. The width of our kayak’s gunnel, or the side of the kayak, posed a challenge when it came to fitting the mount without sacrificing a rod holder. We quickly realized that the one-size-fits-all approach was not applicable in this case. However, this setback led us to explore alternative mounting solutions, unveiling a world of creativity and ingenuity.

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Getting Creative with Mounting

In our pursuit of a suitable mounting solution, we embarked on a journey of trial and error. We attempted to mount the motor onto a PVC pipe rod holder, which ultimately fell short in providing the necessary support due to the thinner gunnel of our kayak. Undeterred, we discovered a cutting board made of PVC at our local dollar store, hoping it would serve as a stable platform for the motor mount. Unfortunately, even this ingenious solution proved insufficient, highlighting the unique challenges posed by our kayak’s construction.

Adapting with Kayak Outriggers

Undeterred by the mounting setbacks, we explored the concept of kayak outriggers. After extensive research, we decided to invest in a set of well-made outriggers, enabling a stable platform for our mounting requirements. With the outrigger cross-bars as a base, we ingeniously attached the plastic chopping board using U-bolts and the steel bar provided with the kayak motor mount. This unconventional approach, akin to a DIY transom board, allowed us to bypass the limitations imposed by our kayak’s structure.

Watersnake Kayak Trolling Motor Mount – Functionality and Considerations

The Watersnake Kayak Trolling Motor Mount offers a promising concept, displaying thoughtful design and flexibility. However, closer examination reveals room for a few enhancements. The strength of the fittings should receive more attention to ensure robustness, especially for kayaks with narrower gunnels. While Watersnake claims that their mount fits most kayaks, we found that budget-end kayaks with thinner gunwales might pose mounting challenges. Despite these considerations, the mount provides various adjustments and configurations, offering versatility once successfully mounted.

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Review Conclusion & Product Rating

In conclusion, the Watersnake Kayak Trolling Motor Mount presents an exciting solution for kayakers seeking to amplify their adventures. While we encountered hurdles during the mounting process, creative adaptations allowed us to overcome these obstacles. The neater and tidier appearance of this mount, compared to most DIY alternatives, adds to its appeal. The ease of lowering and raising the motor, coupled with relatively simple installation, is commendable. However, improvements in joint robustness and the option for well-nuts instead of supplied nuts and bolts would strengthen the mount’s functionality and flexibility.


The Watersnake Kayak Trolling Motor Mount offers a well-conceived concept for enhancing kayaking experiences. Considerations regarding fitting robustness and compatibility with budget-end kayaks with thinner gunwales need to be addressed. Nevertheless, once successfully mounted, this versatile mount empowers kayakers to explore the water with confidence and ease. Our final rating for the Watersnake Kayak Trolling Motor Mount is 3 out of 5.

Price at time of Review: $79.00 AUD

Available from: Fishing Tackle Shop