Tarpon 120 Kayak: A Surprisingly Safe and Comfortable Choice

If you’re an adventurous soul looking for a new kayak, then the Tarpon 120 might just be the perfect fit for you. As an avid kayaker myself, I recently made the switch from my trusty old sea kayak to the Tarpon 120, and I couldn’t be happier with my choice. Let me walk you through my experience to help you understand why this kayak stands out from the rest.

A Safe and Accessible Option

First and foremost, the Tarpon 120 addresses a crucial concern many of us face as we age – safety. As someone who struggles with spinal problems, I needed a kayak that I could easily enter and exit without risking further injury. The Tarpon 120’s Sit-on-Top (SOT) design eliminates that worry entirely. Getting on and off the kayak is a breeze, allowing me to enjoy my paddling experience without any added stress or strain.

Impressive Performance on the Water

Don’t let the label “flat water” fool you – the Tarpon 120 is more than capable of handling various water conditions. I’ve taken it out on Long Island Sound, where the calm waters can quickly transform into three-foot waves. The Tarpon 120 showcases exceptional secondary stability, ensuring a smooth and secure ride. Its rock-solid tracking and impressive maneuverability live up to the countless positive reviews you’ll find about this kayak.

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Compared to my previous sea kayak, which effortlessly cut through waves and chop, the Tarpon 120 has a buoyant quality to it. Picture a cork bobbing up and down in rough waters – that’s exactly how it feels. However, with a little extra caution and awareness of tide changes and wind shifts, I’ve always managed to reach my destinations safely, even if it sometimes took a bit longer than planned.

Exceptional Performance Against Wind and Waves

One aspect that surprised me about the Tarpon 120 is its ability to handle windy conditions. With winds of up to 15mph and waves reaching two feet, this kayak proved its worth. As long as I paddle into the wind and waves, the Tarpon 120 remains stable and responsive, letting me enjoy my adventures without worry.

An Unforgettable Experience Out on the Water

To give you a better idea of its performance, let me share a recent trip with you. I covered approximately 6.59 miles during a 2-hour and 19-minute paddle. Although my average speed was 2.8 mph, my highest speed hit an impressive 4.6 mph. Keep in mind that these numbers may vary depending on factors such as tides and wind direction. While it may not match the average speed of a sea kayak, the Tarpon 120’s numerous advantages make the slight sacrifice in speed well worth it.

Unparalleled Comfort and Convenience

Besides safety and performance, the Tarpon 120 prioritizes your comfort during those long hours on the water. Its Airpro seat is a game-changer, offering incredible support and comfort. I’ve spent up to four hours in the kayak without experiencing any discomfort in my lower back. To put things into perspective, I can’t even sit at a desk for that long without significant pain. The Tarpon 120 definitely understands the importance of providing a comfortable experience for every adventurer.

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A Few Minor Considerations

As with any product, there are a few minor downsides to consider. While I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time with the Tarpon 120, I have noticed a slight issue with collecting saltwater during my trips. Thankfully, I found a simple solution to this minor inconvenience. By using a couple of Swoosh bailing sponges that absorb up to one quart each, I’ve effectively prevented any water accumulation. After a few trips, a quick squeeze removes the collected water. Keep in mind that this is a minor inconvenience compared to the overall exceptional performance of the kayak.

A Note on Durability

During my adventures with the Tarpon 120, I did notice that its hull is not quite as tough as I had hoped. The high-density linear polyethylene material used may be maintenance-free, but it tends to show its vulnerability to rough conditions. Dragging the kayak across rocks, barnacles, and shells led to noticeable scrapes and gouges. While my previous sea kayak would only experience slight scratches in similar situations, the Tarpon 120 tends to gouge deeper. However, considering the countless advantages this kayak offers, I’m more than willing to accept this minor flaw.

UpStreamPaddle: Where Adventure Begins

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