Unleash the Adventure: Sun Dolphin Kayak 12 Ft

Get ready to embark on an unforgettable kayaking journey with the Sun Dolphin Journey 12 Ft. This sit-on-top kayak offers a thrilling and unique experience that combines freedom of movement, easy entry and exit, and convenient access to gear. While it may lack some of the protective features of a sit-inside kayak, it more than compensates with its remarkable design and functionality.

Exploring the Design

The Sun Dolphin Journey 12 Ft boasts a sleek and agile design that allows it to effortlessly slice through waves. Its V-shaped bow, reminiscent of a sailboat or ship, ensures a dry and comfortable ride even in choppy conditions. With high sides that effectively deflect spray, this kayak is perfect for calmer waterways where you can truly embrace the joy of paddling.

However, it’s important to note that the Sun Dolphin Journey 12 Ft does not have scuppers. Scuppers are drain holes typically found in sit-on-top kayaks, allowing water to escape while preventing excess splashing. Without scuppers, you may find yourself dealing with unwanted water splashes, rain, or paddle drips accumulating in the cockpit. But fear not, for this is more of an inconvenience rather than a safety concern. The Sun Dolphin Journey 12 Ft will remain afloat, even if it becomes swamped.

Durability and Construction

Crafted from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), the Sun Dolphin Journey 12 Ft ensures durability without breaking the bank. HDPE is a popular material choice for recreational kayaks due to its affordability and resilience. To combat the effects of long-term UV exposure, Sun Dolphin uses UV-stabilized polyethylene, which slows down the degradation process. To maintain optimum performance, it is recommended to store your Journey 12 Ft kayak indoors or away from direct sunlight.

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The Perfect Outfitting for Anglers

Although the Sun Dolphin Journey 12 Ft is a budget-friendly kayak, it doesn’t compromise on outfitting features tailored specifically for anglers. One of its standout features is the forward tankwell, ideal for storing your gear securely. Equipped with bungee cord rigging, you can rest assured that your essentials will stay in place during your fishing adventures. Just remember that the small screw-top hatch in the tankwell is not watertight, so be sure to store any items that need to stay dry in a reliable dry bag.

Inside the cockpit, adjustable foot braces provide excellent leg support and enable you to fine-tune your leg position. These sliding foot braces offer a greater range of adjustability compared to molded-in footrests, ensuring efficient paddle strokes and maximizing comfort. The seat, although basic, can be modified with closed-cell foam and adhesive to enhance cushioning and support based on your preferences.

With three strategically placed rod holders behind the cockpit, you’ll never miss a chance at reeling in the big one. The swiveling rod holder positioned between the paddler’s knees allows for easy access and quick reaction. Additionally, the bungee paddle holder next to the cockpit provides a convenient spot to stow your paddle while focusing on your fishing endeavors.

What sets the Sun Dolphin Journey 12 Ft apart is its unique removable storage pod, also known as the Portable Accessory Carrier (P.A.C.), which fits perfectly in the rear tankwell. This pod offers dry storage for your valuables and can be easily detached if you prefer to utilize the open tankwell. Need extra storage space? No problem! You can even tow the P.A.C. behind the kayak, ensuring you have everything you need for your adventures.

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A Final Word

The Sun Dolphin Journey 12 Ft is a remarkable kayak that opens up a world of possibilities. Its design, construction, and angler-specific outfitting features make it an enticing option for both experienced paddlers and beginners alike. So gear up, grab your paddle, and unleash your adventurous spirit with the Sun Dolphin Journey 12 Ft.

Sun Dolphin Kayak

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