The Sun Dolphin Journey 10ss Kayak: A Guide to Features and Modifications

If you’re in the market for a new kayak, the Sun Dolphin Journey 10ss is definitely worth considering. This sit-on-top fishing kayak offers a range of features and accessories that make it ideal for both beginners and experienced anglers. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the material and construction of the kayak, its accessories and outfitting, as well as some popular modifications that can enhance your fishing experience.

Material and Construction

The Sun Dolphin Journey 10ss is constructed from UV-stabilized Fortiflex, a type of high-density polyethylene (HDPE). This material is commonly used in kayak hull manufacturing due to its durability and affordability. What sets this kayak apart is the UV-stabilized aspect, which provides protection against the harmful effects of sun exposure. So, you can enjoy your fishing adventures without worrying about the kayak deteriorating under the sun.

Accessories and Outfitting

The Sun Dolphin Journey 10ss comes equipped with a variety of outfitting components and accessories that cater to the needs of fishing enthusiasts. Let’s explore some of these features:

Carry Handle and Drain Plug

At the bow of the kayak, you’ll find a convenient carry handle for easy transportation. Just behind the handle, there’s a drain plug designed to remove any water that enters the hull. Make sure to close the drain plug before launching to keep your kayak dry and stable.

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Paddle Holder

One of the most important yet often overlooked features of a fishing kayak is the paddle holder. The Sun Dolphin Journey 10ss has a recessed ledge with a bungee cord along its length, providing a secure place to store your paddle. With this feature, you can focus on reeling in that big catch without worrying about your paddle floating away.

Adjustable Foot Braces

Located within the forward end of the cockpit, the adjustable foot braces offer multiple positions for comfortable and powerful leg positions while paddling or landing a fish. These sliding foot braces allow you to find the perfect fit for your individual needs.

Molded Seat Shape

The Sun Dolphin Journey 10ss features a molded seat shape that provides a stable and supportive sitting position. However, please note that this kayak does not come with padding for the seat. If you prefer a more cushioned experience, consider purchasing a seat pad or outfitting foam to enhance your comfort during long fishing trips.

Scupper Holes

Underneath the seat, you’ll notice scupper holes, which are designed to drain out any water that splashes into the kayak. While these holes help keep the kayak dry, they can also result in a wet seat during your adventures. So be prepared for a little splashing and embrace the exciting experience of being close to the water.

Storage Options

The Sun Dolphin Journey 10ss offers two molded-in triangular tankwells for storage, one at the bow and another toward the stern. Although these tankwells accommodate smaller bags and boxes, they may not fit the larger milk crates commonly used by kayak anglers for tackle organization. However, Sun Dolphin provides a removable storage hatch called the Portable Accessory Compartment (PAC) that fits into the tankwell on the stern. This hatch can be easily installed or removed, providing you with a choice between closed or open storage options. Additionally, there is a small hatch between your legs in the cockpit to keep your personal belongings stowed away safely.

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Rod Holders

For avid anglers, rod holders are a must-have feature. The Sun Dolphin Journey 10ss includes three rod holders to accommodate your fishing gear. Two flush-mounted rod holders are located directly behind the cockpit, while the third is a swiveling rod holder positioned toward the front of the cockpit. This swiveling rod holder allows you to have a rig ready for action at a moment’s notice.

Kayak Mods for the Sun Dolphin Journey 10ss

Kayak anglers are known for customizing their kayaks to enhance their fishing experience. Here are some popular modifications you can make to your Sun Dolphin Journey 10ss:

Scupper Plugs

On chilly days or when paddling in calm waters, you may want to keep water from splashing up through the scupper holes. Sun Dolphin offers scupper plugs that are easily removable, allowing you to customize your kayak based on weather conditions and personal preferences.

Accessory Tracks

Accessory tracks, such as those available from brands like Scotty, are a great addition to your kayak. These tracks provide a platform for attaching electronic components or a GoPro camera to capture exciting moments during your fishing adventures.

Paddle Clips

If the built-in paddle bungee doesn’t suit your needs, consider purchasing paddle clips from brands like RAM. These clips provide a secure hold for your paddle, ensuring it stays within reach while you focus on landing that trophy largemouth or snook.

Seat Upgrades

Given that the Sun Dolphin Journey 10ss has a molded plastic seat without padding, upgrading the seat may be a priority for some. You can easily shape a block of mini-cell outfitting foam to create a customized seat, or opt for a seat pad like the Yak Gear Sand Dollar cushion. For those with more DIY skills, installing a folding seat can provide additional comfort and support during your fishing trips.

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Trolling Motor Mount

Adding a trolling motor to your fishing kayak can greatly expand your range and efficiency on the water. While there isn’t a specific trolling motor designed for the Sun Dolphin Journey 10ss, you can purchase aftermarket mounts and use a little DIY know-how to attach the motor to the stern or create a self-made frame to secure it alongside the kayak. Just remember not to obstruct the scupper holes permanently when making modifications.

In conclusion, the Sun Dolphin Journey 10ss is a versatile and reliable fishing kayak that offers a range of features and customization options. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned angler, this kayak provides everything you need for an enjoyable and successful fishing experience. So, gear up, hop on your Sun Dolphin Journey 10ss, and embark on countless unforgettable adventures on the water!

Sun Dolphin Journey 10ss Kayak

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