The Ultimate Guide to the Bonafide RS117 Kayak

Have you been searching for a kayak that combines stability, performance, and comfort? Look no further than the Bonafide RS117 – a recreational sit-on-top kayak that was designed with fishing in mind. But don’t let that deter you if you’re not an angler; this kayak is perfect for anyone seeking a stable and reliable watercraft. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the key features of the RS117 and give you an unbiased assessment of how it performs on the water.

Introducing the Bonafide RS117 Kayak

With a retail price of $1,149 (USD), the RS117 is an 11’7″ kayak that weighs 77 lbs (35 kg) and has a maximum capacity of 425 lbs (193 kg). Its standout feature is its catamaran hull design, which ensures exceptional stability even in choppy waters. This stability is further enhanced by replaceable dual skid plates and a wide, sit-on-top platform.

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Unparalleled Stability

One of the standout qualities of the RS117 is its remarkable stability. Whether you’re using it for fishing or simply enjoying a day on the water, the RS117 provides a secure and steady platform. The catamaran hull design adds an extra layer of stability, making it almost impossible to tip over. You can confidently stand up and lean over the side without fear of capsizing. It’s like having your own personal stability fortress.

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Stellar Performance

While the RS117 may not be the fastest kayak out there, it certainly holds its own in terms of performance. Thanks to its design, it glides through the water with ease. However, it’s important to note that the RS117 prioritizes stability over speed. So, if you’re looking to win a race, this might not be the kayak for you. But if you value a smooth and controlled paddling experience, the RS117 won’t disappoint.

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Unmatched Comfort

Comfort is paramount when spending long hours on the water, and the RS117 excels in this aspect. Its spacious sit-on-top platform provides ample room to relax and move around. However, some users have found the seat to be less than perfect. While it offers decent lower-back support, the gap between the seat and the back support can feel awkward during active paddling. Additionally, taller individuals may find the setup a bit cramped. But don’t worry – these minor drawbacks can easily be remedied by adding a more versatile seat.

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Is the Bonafide RS117 Worth It?

In terms of value for money, the RS117 is a solid choice for fishing enthusiasts and casual paddlers alike. Packed with features such as a forward storage well, adjustable foot braces, YakAttack MightyMount tracks, and rod holders, this kayak has everything you need for a successful day on the water. It might not be the speed demon you’re looking for, and the seat could benefit from some improvements, but overall, the RS117 offers stability, performance, and comfort at a reasonable price.

So, whether you’re a seasoned angler or a recreational paddler looking to explore new waters, the Bonafide RS117 is definitely worth considering. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience the joy of paddling with this top-notch kayak. Dive into the adventure today!