The Riot Mako Pedal Kayak: Unleash the Adventure

The Riot Mako Pedal Kayak is a phenomenal creation by the esteemed Canadian company, Riot Kayaks. Offering a diverse range of kayak models, the Mako pedal drive model is undoubtedly the crown jewel of their sit-on-top collection. As we present this exceptional watercraft, prepare to embark on an unforgettable adventure.

Unraveling the Marvel: The Riot Mako Pedal Kayak

With a length of 12 feet, the Mako 12 flawlessly combines agility and stability. Designed to glide effortlessly through lakes, rivers, and even the vast ocean, this majestic kayak ensures a comfortable fishing experience that lasts all day long. The Mako 12 stands as a testament to Riot Kayaks’ steadfast commitment to quality and innovation.

Mako 12 fishing kayak

Unmatched Features and Performance

The Riot Mako 12 boasts an array of remarkable features that set it apart from its counterparts. Its Impulse propeller drive guarantees smooth motion, even at startup speeds. With instant reverse functionality, maneuverability becomes second nature. Whether you are a seasoned angler or a novice adventurer, the Mako 12 offers a compelling package of stability, comfort, and control.

Unbeatable Value for Your Investment

While pricier alternatives may catch your eye, the Riot Mako Pedal Kayak provides unparalleled value. You could easily pay double the price for another pedal kayak, but rest assured, you won’t find double the value elsewhere. Riot Kayak’s exemplary craftsmanship combined with their dedication to affordability result in a watercraft that exceeds expectations without breaking the bank.

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Beyond Durability: A Testament to Quality

The Mako 12’s durability is unquestionable. Its inclusion in our local rental fleet for years without any issues is a testament to its resilience and longevity. You can confidently explore uncharted waters, knowing that the Riot Mako Pedal Kayak will accompany you on countless adventures.

A Riot of Choices: Find Your Perfect Fit

If the Mako 12’s dimensions do not precisely match your preferences, fret not. Riot Kayaks offers the 10′ Riot Mako, which provides a slightly lighter and shorter alternative without compromising on features and stability. Alternatively, if you seek a larger kayak with enhanced stability, the 14′ Riot Mako is the perfect choice for you.

Technical Specifications: The Power Behind the Craft

  • Crew: 1
  • Length: 12′ 4″
  • Width: 36″
  • Capacity: 470 lbs
  • Hull Weight: 64 lbs
  • Fully Rigged Weight: 84 lbs

Unlock the Adventure Today!

Venture into our showroom to explore the diverse range of Riot Kayak models we offer. Our knowledgeable team is eager to discuss why the Riot Mako Pedal Kayak has the kayaking community buzzing with excitement nationwide. Don’t forget to browse our extensive selection of kayak accessories and fishing gear to elevate your experience even further.

Shipping Made Easy

We understand the anticipation that comes with owning a Riot Mako Pedal Kayak. Rest assured, we can ship this magnificent craft to the lower 48 contiguous states via our trusted freight carrier. Shipping rates start at approximately $229, depending on your location. For a seamless experience, we recommend arranging pickup from the nearest terminal. This minimizes the risk of potential damage during transit. Visit UpStreamPaddle for more information.

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Shipping Zones

Our shipping zones have been designed to cater to customers across the United States. Each zone correlates with a specific geographic area, ensuring prompt and efficient delivery. Here’s a breakdown of our shipping zones and their respective costs:

  • Shipping Zone 1: CA/NV/AZ/UT/CO/NM/TX/OK (typical cost $199 – $249)
  • Shipping Zone 2: WA/OR/ID/ND/SD/NE/KS/MN/IA/MO/AR/LA/WI/IL/MI/IN/OH/KY/TN/MS/AL/GA (typical cost $239 – $329)
  • Shipping Zone 3: MT/WY/FL/SC/NC/VA/WV/MD/DC/DE/PA/NJ/NY/CT/RI/MA/VT/NH/ME (typical cost $249 – $399)

To determine the exact shipping cost for your region, select your zone from the dropdown menu above.

Embrace the Adventure

The Riot Mako Pedal Kayak is an invitation to explore the untamed beauty of nature. With its exceptional features, unmatched durability, and unbeatable value, this watercraft unlocks a world of thrilling escapades. Dive into the unknown, embrace the serenity of the water, and let the Riot Mako Pedal Kayak be your trusted companion on your next expedition.