The Perfect Starter Kayak: Pelican Trailblazer 100 Nxt Kayak

Are you ready to embark on your kayaking adventures? Look no further than the Pelican Trailblazer 100 Nxt Kayak, the perfect companion for beginners. My partner and I recently purchased this kayak as our first set, and we couldn’t be more satisfied with our choice. Let me take you through our experience and highlight the key factors that make the Trailblazer 100 a remarkable entry-level kayak.

Unbeatable Price

When it comes to affordability, the Trailblazer 100 is unbeatable. Unlike the expensive $1,000 models we initially considered, we found this gem at Dicks for around $200. Don’t let its budget-friendly price fool you; this kayak is packed with features that make it a fantastic value for money.

Eye-Catching Aesthetics

Although the color options are limited, the bright hues of the Trailblazer 100 serve a purpose beyond mere aesthetics. When kayaking on a lake, encountering boating enthusiasts can be a bit nerve-wracking. However, the vibrant colors of our kayak helped us stand out and avoid any potential collisions. It’s like wearing a neon sign that says, “Please don’t run over me!”

Ingenious Design

While we are by no means experts in “kayak engineering,” we found the design of the Trailblazer 100 to be solid. The seat, though simple, pleasantly surprised us with its semi-comfortable feel. During our three-hour trips, we experienced minimal discomfort. Even as a 6-foot, 220lb individual, I found the cockpit to be spacious and accommodating. My legs rested comfortably against the sides, with no uncomfortable rubbing. The handles proved sturdy during transportation, and the tie-downs securely held our dry bags in place. The kayak’s bottom withstood numerous encounters with shallow streams, remaining unscathed. However, we do have three minor complaints.

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Foot Comfort

Finding a comfortable position for our feet was a challenge. The foot stops provided some assistance, but the bottom of the boat pushed against our heels, making it difficult to find the perfect position. Perhaps with more experience, this issue could be resolved, but we suspect it might be a design flaw.

Water Drainage

The water drain, located near the rear of the boat, falls short in terms of complete drainage. Leaving a small amount of water inside, it could become problematic if you store the kayak indoors or leave it outside, potentially creating a mosquito breeding ground. Despite this issue, the Trailblazer 100 remains a reliable companion on the water.

Tracking Performance

During our paddling excursions, we noticed that the Trailblazer 100 struggled with tracking, the ability to maintain a straight path. We had to put in some extra effort to keep it on course. However, in both calm streams and choppy lakes, the kayak demonstrated consistent tracking, providing a reassuring level of stability. While it may have missed a few lessons in “Kayaks and Tracking,” it still managed to hold its own.

Manageable Weight

Although not the lightest kayak on the market, the Trailblazer 100 is surprisingly easy to transport solo. For those with low-roofed vehicles, like ours, loading and unloading are a breeze. However, if you have a taller roof, like our Jeep Liberty, we recommend having a second person assist with the loading and unloading process.

All in all, as first-time kayak owners, we couldn’t have made a better choice than the Pelican Trailblazer 100 Nxt Kayak. Its affordability was the biggest selling point, as we couldn’t afford a high-end recreational model. This kayak serves as a fantastic starter for anyone looking to explore the joys of kayaking. Don’t miss the chance to paddle your way to unforgettable adventures. Check out the Pelican Trailblazer 100 Nxt Kayak at UpStreamPaddle and dive into the world of kayaking today!

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