The Lightweight Wonder: Exploring the Pelican Kayak

Ahoy there, adventure seekers! Allow me to regale you with a delightful story about our journey to becoming proud owners of a Pelican Kayak. But before we dive in, let me introduce you to our incredible experience and the marvelous features of this remarkable watercraft.

A Tale of Surprises and Excitement

Our first wedding anniversary was fast approaching, and I had a brilliant plan to surprise Vy with a brand new kayak. Much to my astonishment, she had the exact same idea! Fate led us to the tempting kayaks on sale at Dick’s Sporting Goods. The catch was that the sale was ending soon. In our eagerness, we couldn’t wait any longer, so we spilled the beans and hurriedly placed our order. Strangely enough, we had no way to transport our new acquisitions home, but our feline friends were delighted as the kayaks found a temporary place in our living room.

Unveiling the Stats

Let’s delve into the technical details of our splendid Pelican kayak, the Mustang 100x EXO. This exclusive gem can be found at Dick’s Sporting Goods or Pelican’s official website. Founded in 1968, Pelican has established itself as a global leader in plastic boat manufacturing. Combining the artistry of thermoforming, their proprietary Ram-X materials, and affordable pricing, Pelican has earned its place at the pinnacle of the industry.

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The Comfort of a Sit-In Kayak

In our quest for the perfect vessel, we opted for sit-in recreational kayaks. These provide superior stability and roominess compared to touring kayaks. While sit-on-top kayaks have their merits, we found the comfort of sit-in kayaks unparalleled. Admittedly, embarking and disembarking require a little extra effort, but the lower center of gravity increases stability—a crucial factor when navigating the waters.

Aesthetics and Functionality Combined

The first thing that caught my eye with the Mustang was its price. It falls mid-range in terms of cost, making it a worthwhile investment. The Mustang boasts several upgrades that justify its price, such as a small front storage compartment, essential padding for your knees, adjustable footrests, and the convenient Exopod for on-water organization. Moreover, the Mustang’s sleek design sets it apart from the competition. Available in four stunning fade colors, the blue variant proved irresistible, captivating our adventurous spirits both on land and in the water.

Fishing and Storage Perks

If you’re a fishing enthusiast, the Mustang has got you covered with two built-in fishing rod holders situated behind the cockpit. Even if you’re not an angler, storage options abound. The Mustang offers a compact front compartment and a sizable tank well at the back. The front deck also provides room for a small ice chest. To safeguard your belongings in the tank well, we recommend investing in dry bags. Though water may occasionally accumulate in the tank well, it won’t spoil your precious cargo.

Roomy Comfort and Durability

Embarking on our first sit-in kayaking adventure, I confess I had reservations about feeling constrained. Much to my delight, the generously sized cockpit allayed those fears. The Mustang strikes the perfect balance between the benefits of a sit-in kayak and the ease of getting in and out. And let’s not forget about the seats—they are remarkably comfortable. As aficionados of long hours spent on the water, we can vouch for the comfort and support these seats offer. They truly elevate our kayaking experience to new heights.

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Embracing Quality and Sustainability

What sets Pelican apart is their unwavering pride in their products. This pride is evident in the impressive and amusing videos showcasing their rigorous kayak torture tests. Pelican diligently stands behind the quality of their kayaks, offering a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. Their commitment extends to exceptional customer service, where real people are ready to assist you, ensuring your satisfaction. Pelican is not only focused on quality but also on sustainability. Their kayaks are composed of 50% post-consumer recycled materials, and they recycle 99% of all manufacturing scraps. Additionally, the factory utilizes waste heat from their ovens to warm the facility during winter—an eco-conscious touch that truly impresses.

Unforgettable Adventures Await

We’ve had the pleasure of embarking on amazing expeditions with our Mustangs, most notably on the stunning Lake Tahoe. As we transported our kayaks from the parking lot to the launch area, we marveled at their featherlight weight. At just 39 pounds, the Mustang stands as one of the lightest kayaks available to consumers. Comparatively, I had the opportunity to carry a competitor’s kayak over a portage at Shoshone Falls, and I can confidently say that our Mustangs surpass the competition in terms of ease and convenience.

Maneuverability and Resilience

Lake Tahoe presented us with its fair share of challenges, from submerged boulders to boat wakes. Undeterred, our Mustangs effortlessly navigated these obstacles. Equipped with a Twin-arched Multi Chine Hull, they strike an optimal balance between stability, speed, tracking, and maneuverability. Moreover, their exceptional durability shines through even after coming into contact with rocky surfaces—a commendable testament to the Mustang’s robust construction.

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A Company that Cares

Pelican Kayak’s commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond their warranty and reliable products. The team at Rack and Road in Costa Mesa, particularly Chris and Rhianna, provided invaluable assistance in selecting the perfect rack for our kayaks. Their expertise combined with the Rhino-Rack Folding J style carrier, which perfectly complemented our Jeep’s existing Surco Roof rack, ensured hassle-free transportation. For those residing in Southern California, a visit to Rack and Road is highly recommended. And don’t forget, you can also find their products on Amazon.

A Journey to Cherish

As proud owners of a Pelican kayak, Vy and I eagerly anticipate the remarkable adventures that lie ahead. If you’re in the market for a new kayak, don’t hesitate to explore the wonders offered by Pelican. Happy adventuring awaits! And remember to follow us on Instagram, subscribe to our YouTube channel, and sign up for our newsletter to join us on our thrilling escapades.


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