The Perfect Recreational Kayak: Old Town Vapor 10

When it comes to recreational kayaking, the Old Town Vapor 10XT kayak stands out as the ultimate choice. With its heavy roto-molded polymer construction, 10-foot length, and 48-pound weight, this kayak offers durability and maneuverability like no other. But what truly sets it apart is its limited edition black cherry color, making it one of the most visually appealing kayaks you’ll ever come across.

Unrivaled Features and Design

The XT model comes equipped with some impressive features that the base model lacks. The inclusion of a day well cover and a padded adjustable seat elevates the overall kayaking experience. The kayak’s integral paddle keeper system is a thoughtful touch, although it does come with a few minor drawbacks.

A Spacious and Comfortable Ride

One of the standout features of the Old Town Vapor 10XT is its spacious cockpit opening, measuring a whopping 48 inches. This generous size ensures easy entry and exit, giving you the freedom to get in and out of the kayak effortlessly. However, be mindful of sunburns on warmer days since the larger opening exposes your legs to the sun. So, don’t forget to apply sunscreen to your lower body before setting off on your kayaking adventure.

Another notable feature is the exceptionally comfortable seat. Spending five to six hours in the seat is a breeze, thanks to its ergonomic design. While an aftermarket pad could enhance the comfort even further, the seat’s original design offers ample support for extended outings.

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Gear Storage Made Easy

Stowing gear is a breeze with the Old Town Vapor 10XT. Boasting a hauling capacity of up to 325 pounds, there’s more than enough space for all your essentials. Even with the flotation at the front and rear of the kayak, you can comfortably fit a small tent, sleeping bag, and other necessities for your overnight kayak camping trips.

Unmatched Stability and Performance

With a beam width of 28.5 inches, the Old Town Vapor 10XT is exceptionally stable in the water. In fact, it’s often joked among friends that the only way to fall out of this kayak is to stand up and jump. Its stability lends itself to an enjoyable and worry-free kayaking experience.

While it may not cut through the water as smoothly as longer, narrower kayaks, the Old Town Vapor 10XT still offers excellent performance on the water. It strikes a balance between stability and maneuverability, allowing you to navigate various water conditions with ease.

Noteworthy Considerations

As with any product, the Old Town Vapor 10XT has a few minor drawbacks. The hatch cover on the day well does not completely prevent water from entering, so it’s essential to store anything inside it in a dry bag or box. Unfortunately, there is no attachment point inside the day well to secure these items, making it crucial to ensure they float.

Furthermore, the built-in paddle rest, while convenient for a quick break, poses challenges when you need to paddle alongside another kayaker or any other object. Storing the paddle crosswise to the kayak makes this maneuver difficult, necessitating the removal and storage of the paddle elsewhere. To overcome this limitation, many users opt to install an aftermarket bungee system for their paddle.

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A Kayak Built with Purpose

If you’re considering adding a deck bag to the Old Town Vapor 10XT, you might want to reconsider. The kayak’s front deck area is relatively small due to the expansive cockpit opening, making it impractical for accommodating most standard deck bags. The distance between the deck and the seat further compounds this limitation.

Overall, the Old Town Vapor 10XT leaves a lasting impression. Despite its perceived shortcomings, this kayak offers an exceptional paddling experience. Personal modifications such as installing a bungee system or removing the hatch cover can address any minor issues, making the XT model’s added features unnecessary for some.

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