Introducing the Old Town Sportsman Canoe: Your Perfect Companion for Water Adventures

Image: Old Town Sportsman Canoe

Are you seeking a companion for your thrilling water escapades? Look no further than the Old Town Sportsman Canoe. As an ardent outdoor enthusiast, I was once content with my trusty kayak. However, when my 74 lb dog joined the journey, I quickly realized the discomfort it caused. Determined to find a solution, I set out in search of a lightweight, durable, and pocket-friendly boat. That’s when the Old Town Discovery 119, weighing 43 pounds according to one source and 49 pounds according to the manufacturer’s site, caught my attention.

A Canoe Tailored to Your Needs

Image: Old Town Discovery 119

The Old Town Discovery 119, although almost perfect for my requirements, posed a slight challenge when accommodating my furry companion. My pup would always end up underfoot, impeding the motion of my double-bladed paddle. Anticipating this issue, I had come across a review from another individual facing the same predicament. Yet, instead of immediately modifying the gunwales, I decided to give the canoe a fair chance in its original form.

Customizing for Optimal Comfort

Image: Old Town Sportsman Canoe Modifications

To ensure an ideal fit for both myself and my canine companion, I made a conservative adjustment by moving the front thwart forward by approximately one foot. This initial alteration is just the beginning, as I aim to achieve the perfect balance and ample space for both of us. If required, I shall consider moving the seat backward or making further adjustments. Speaking of the seat, the woven bench seat provided by the canoe is situated quite low. While it may not rival the comforts of my kayak, considering the hours spent on the water, it is more than adequate. Moreover, the canoe offers smooth paddling, effortless straight-line navigation, and exceptional maneuverability, allowing me to navigate tight corners effortlessly.

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Stability and Endurance

Image: Old Town Sportsman Canoe Durability

Concerned about potential damage to my new canoe, I put it to the test during its second adventure, casually dragging it over rocky terrains. To my delight, the bottom emerged with only minor scratches. Additionally, I purchased a stadium seat to enhance comfort, yet I found myself preferring the simplicity of the original seat while paddling. Thanks to Sportsman’s Warehouse, I acquired this remarkable canoe at a discounted price, saving approximately $200. Taking full advantage of its versatility, I installed painters through the bow and stern, and added lacing, despite my preference for calm waters. Its exceptional stability enables even the least coordinated among us to embark and disembark with remarkable ease.

Embrace a Lifetime of Adventure

Image: Old Town Sportsman Canoe Adventure

With unwavering confidence, I declare the Old Town Sportsman Canoe as my lifelong companion for countless thrilling adventures. Its remarkable durability, customizability, and affordability make it the ideal vessel for any water enthusiast. So, whether you seek tranquil meanders or adrenaline-fueled escapades, the Old Town Sportsman Canoe is the perfect choice to accompany you on your water explorations.

Embark on your unforgettable journey with the Old Town Sportsman Canoe today!