Discover the Ocean Scupper Pro Kayak: The Ultimate Fishing Companion

Are you an avid fisherman looking for the perfect kayak that combines speed, stability, and versatility? Look no further than the Ocean Scupper Pro Kayak. With over eight thousand miles of experience in sit-on-top fishing kayaks, I can confidently say that this kayak is in a league of its own.

The Quest for the Ideal Fishing Kayak

As someone who values both kayaking and fishing experiences, I have sought out a kayak that excels in both realms. My search led me to focus on longer kayaks suitable for full-day trips, capable of functioning as efficient touring vessels. The Ocean Scupper Pro Kayak fits this bill perfectly, easily transitioning from a touring kayak to a reliable trolling platform for catching sizable bass.

Setting Sail with the Scupper Pro

When I purchased the Scupper Pro, it was my second single sit-on-top fishing kayak. Its design proved to be a formidable upgrade, granting me enhanced speed and agility on the water. Measuring 15 feet in length and with a slim 26-inch width, this kayak boasts an unusual hull shape that translates to impressive speed. The wide section of the hull near the front may initially confuse you, but sitting in the kayak reveals the genius behind the design.

The Scupper Pro’s narrow build is made possible by its low seating position, ensuring a low center of gravity for stability. While some may express concerns about its stability, I can confidently say that I have rarely experienced any wobbling. In fact, it has become my go-to kayak for tackling challenging headlands and venturing into exposed waters. I’ve conquered notable spots such as Lizard Point, Land’s End, Trevose Head, and Hartland Point, as well as ventured to Lundy Island and back in a single day. Its speed and stability make it the perfect companion for long-distance paddling.

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Fishing Minimalism at Its Finest

While hardcore kayak fishermen may initially find the Scupper Pro lacking specific fishing features, its simplicity is precisely what appeals to me. The absence of excessive gadgets and the freedom from worrying about complex fishing gear allows me to focus on what truly matters—catching fish. With the addition of a few flush-mounted rod holders, I have everything I need for an enjoyable fishing trip. I have always believed that the more time spent fishing and less time fussing with equipment, the better the overall experience.

Overcoming Challenges and Embracing Advantages

As an experienced kayaker, I understand that no kayak is without its flaws. The Scupper Pro’s fishing specifications may not meet the expectations of some anglers, and its low rear deck can lead to saltwater splashing onto reels, potentially causing corrosion. Furthermore, its impressive speed may not be ideal for catching certain predatory fish.

Yet, the Scupper Pro boasts several advantageous features. Its front hatch stands out as a remarkable feature, easily accommodating all of my day gear without the need for folding or removing wheels from my kayak trolley. While I haven’t thoroughly tested its watertightness, I have always remained upright to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Battles Waged and Lessons Learned

One critical aspect that revealed the Scupper Pro’s vulnerability was an incident during a multi-day camping trip along Scotland’s River Tay. Navigating through turbulent rapids, I miscalculated and collided with a large rock at considerable speed. To my dismay, the impact caused significant damage to the kayak’s hull. Water began to seep in, soaking my sleeping bag and shattering my spirit. However, a temporary repair using duct tape allowed me to continue, albeit with great trepidation.

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Eventually, I sought professional help, and a skilled plastic repair specialist mended the kayak with seemingly simple strips of plasticine. It took months before I felt confident enough to test his handiwork on open waters once more.

An Unwavering Companion

Perhaps the Scupper Pro’s Achilles heel lies in the unsightly gash on its hull, deterring potential buyers seeking a pristine exterior. Despite this flaw, the kayak has remained a stalwart presence in my barn, proving its worth time and time again—especially during winter trips. Its lightweight nature, weighing a mere 24kg, sets it apart from bulkier models like the Tarpon 160. Maneuvering the Scupper Pro onto my roof rack becomes a hassle-free task even as I age.

For those who seek a no-frills sit-on-top kayak that offers unparalleled speed, fishing capabilities, and the freedom to explore various water bodies, the Scupper Pro still reigns supreme.

Unforgettable Memories

Sailing with the Scupper Pro has led me to countless unforgettable experiences. From battling a 40lb tope off the coast of Lynmouth to embarking on a 40-mile journey along the Tamar estuary and surviving a nerve-racking fog encounter near Lundy Island—each trip has enriched my connection with this remarkable kayak.

Stay tuned for my upcoming insights on the Tarpon 160!

Scupper Pro
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