Paddling with the Ocean Kayak Prowler Trident 15

A New Era for Fishing Kayaks

Ocean Kayak Prowler Trident 15

When it comes to fishing kayaks, the options available nowadays are incredible. It wasn’t too long ago that having a kayak specifically designed for fishing was just a dream. But thanks to manufacturers like Ocean Kayak, who have listened to the needs of anglers, we now have models that cater to different body shapes, weights, lengths, and budgets. Ocean Kayak’s Angler Editions for 2008 come in a range of four colors: yellow, olive, wheat, and blue.

The Arrival of the Trident 15

Prowler Trident 15

The much-anticipated Ocean Kayak Prowler Trident 15 made its debut during a fishing trip and demo day in Dorset. After the shipment was cleared by HM Customs and delivered to Johnson Outdoors, Andrew from Johnson Outdoors embarked on a long drive to Mudeford Quay. The delivery and logistics were flawless, with both parties arriving within minutes of each other.

First Impressions

At a length of 15′ 7.5″ (4.8 m) and a width of 29″ (73.7 cm), I was expecting the Prowler Trident 15 to provide a fast ride. However, my initial impressions were mixed. The seated position felt too high, and the new style foot braces didn’t provide the expected comfort. It was time to make some adjustments.

Getting Acquainted

After making a few seat adjustments and opting for my own seat rather than the Ocean Kayak comfort plus, I finally found a more comfortable position. However, the Trident 15 and I still needed to establish a good rapport. Speaking with Andrew on the shore, he explained that the design incorporated extra buoyancy behind the cockpit. Once I loaded the kayak with a tackle crate, rods, anchor, bait, and food, I launched again. It felt like a completely different kayak, and the smile returned to my face. It was time to go fishing.

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A Memorable Night


Under the organization of Richi from Extreme Kayak Fishing, a conger hunt was arranged for a group of experienced kayak fishermen. We paddled a couple of miles out to the designated spot, following the marker buoys set up by Richi earlier. Anchoring the Trident 15 without an anchor trolley required some creativity, but I found a workaround by attaching one end of a line to the buoy and the other end to one of the rear deck lines.

As darkness settled, the first conger battle ensued. It was difficult to see in the pitch black, but the sound of reels singing and the excitement in the air created an electrifying atmosphere. While others caught congers, I had my hands full fending off crabs from attacking everyone else’s bait. Nevertheless, I managed to hook a nice bass and a few pout, which were promptly released.

The Perfect Companion

Fly Fishing

After a successful night of fishing, it was time to test the Trident 15 with fly fishing. Heading west to some rougher waters, I paddled out with my fly gear. Despite the straps, buckles, and external rigging on the kayak, line control wasn’t an issue. The line stripped neatly onto the rod pod and glided smoothly through the rod rings. The only challenge came from my feet, occasionally causing the line to wrap around them.

Within a few casts, I landed my first fish—a wrasse. It hit the fly hard, putting up a good fight. Surprisingly, the wrasse managed to show only the knot in the leader as it thrashed about. I soon hooked another wrasse, this time in the scissors. The waves grew bigger, and the risk of taking a heavy hit from the sea led me to call it a day.

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The Ocean Kayak Prowler Trident 15 is destined to be a hit. With its impressive weight carrying capacity and speed, it competes with the Prowler Big Game while being lighter. Its fishability and comfort are hard to beat, even though it may take a little time to get used to, much like breaking in a new pair of walking boots. The Trident 15 has proven to be the perfect companion for anglers, whether they prefer bait fishing or fly fishing.

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