Ocean Kayak Fishing: A Thrilling Adventure on the High Seas

Fishing in the vast expanse of the ocean is both exhilarating and challenging. For kayak anglers and those who fish from small boats like microskiffs, the ocean presents unique obstacles and hazards. To navigate these waters successfully, a stable and high-performing kayak is essential, such as the W700 or W720. Alternatively, a seaworthy boat like the Wavewalk S4 microskiff is ideal for ocean kayak fishing.

Motorizing Your Ocean Fishing Kayak

When it comes to fishing in the ocean, safety is paramount. Dealing with strong wind, waves, fast currents, and covering long distances requires a motorized fishing kayak. While motorized kayaks tend to be heavier than non-motorized ones, the ease of driving outweighs the effort of paddling, especially after a long day of fishing. It’s crucial to note that electric motors are not suitable for use in the ocean, while outboard gas engines are only compatible with certain kayaks like the W700.

Motorized Kayak

Embracing Offshore Adventures with Wavewalk Kayaks

Wavewalk kayaks are designed to be easily motorized, making them perfect for offshore fishing. The Wavewalk 700 and 720 offer a degree of suitability for offshore fishing. For those seeking a seaworthy vessel, the S4 microskiff is the top choice. However, it’s essential to stay informed about weather conditions and heed any weather warnings or small craft advisories issued by the authorities.

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Offshore Fishing

The Importance of Ample Dry Storage Space

Ocean fishing trips can be lengthy, requiring ample storage for gear and catch. Easy access to stored items is vital, especially in the face of unpredictable ocean conditions. Unlike other fishing kayaks with small, hard-to-reach hatches, the W700 and S4 offer tremendous storage space. With these kayaks, there’s no need to attach a crate or worry about insufficient storage capacity.

Dry Storage

Hazards Linked to Ocean Kayak Fishing

Fishing in the ocean presents a whole new set of challenges compared to calm waters. The vastness and unpredictability of the ocean pose the risk of getting lost at sea due to waves, currents, wind, darkness, or a combination of factors. Kayak anglers also face the dangers of capsizing, dehydration, sunstroke, hypothermia, exhaustion, and disorientation. While motorized kayaks mitigate some of these risks, careless driving can still lead to accidents.

Tackling the Surf: A Thrilling Part of the Adventure

For kayak anglers, launching into or returning from the ocean often involves navigating through treacherous surf. This transition can be fraught with hazards, from water splashing into the kayak during launching or beaching to potential capsizing. However, launching a Wavewalk fishing kayak is considerably easier and can even be fun. Simply get the kayak in the water and hop inside, ready to take on the surf.

Surf Launch

Coping with Lateral Waves

Lateral waves can pose a significant challenge for sit-in or SOT kayaks, but for Wavewalk kayaks, they can become a source of enjoyment. By precisely leaning your kayak into the waves without excessive force, you can let the waves roll under you. It’s advisable to practice in smaller waves before attempting larger ones to sharpen your skills.

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Staying Dry and Protected

Keeping your kayak’s cockpit dry is crucial for a comfortable and safe fishing experience. While other kayaks are susceptible to spray, Wavewalk fishing kayaks feature a higher freeboard and a real cockpit, providing better protection. When launching or heading back to sea, the ability to “climb” over waves by standing or riding in the back of the cockpit and leaning backward keeps you dry. The minimal water that enters the kayak is effortlessly drained to the bottom of the hulls.

Dry Cockpit

Ensuring Comfort in Cold Waters

Fishing in colder regions exposes anglers to the risk of hypothermia, even without falling overboard. The combination of wet clothes and exposure to wind can lead to dangerous drops in body temperature. While sit-in and SOT kayaks offer inadequate protection, Wavewalk kayaks provide superior insulation. Therefore, the need for additional protective clothing, such as a dry suit or wet suit, is significantly reduced.

Safety and Courtesy on the Water

For those using motorized Wavewalk kayaks, being cautious and considerate is crucial. The presence of other individuals, kayakers, board surfers, and non-motorized SUP paddlers, should be taken into account to avoid any accidents caused by the wake generated by the motorized kayak. While slower than traditional powerboats, motorized kayaks can still capsize other vessels.

Paddling in Strong Wind and Currents

Paddling in strong wind is a significant challenge for most fishing kayaks, often requiring the use of a rudder for course correction. However, Wavewalk kayaks differentiate themselves by tracking remarkably well even in strong winds. By adjusting your position along the saddle, you can harness the wind as an advantage, directing the kayak’s center of gravity into or away from the wind. This unique feature eliminates the need for a rudder.

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Paddling in Strong Wind

Strong currents pose a particular risk for anglers without a motorized kayak, as they can propel them further from the shore. Exhaustion can set in quickly when attempting to paddle against a swift current. Therefore, motorizing your kayak is recommended for both inexperienced and advanced paddlers.

Capsizing and Recovery

Contrary to popular belief, SOT kayaks are not watertight, and their scupper holes are not designed to drain water from the hull. If a Wavewalk kayak capsizes, quick action can often prevent it from fully flipping. Swiftly bailing out and reentering the kayak from the side or front is achievable, utilizing the kayak’s built-in flotation for stability. The ease of reentering a Wavewalk kayak makes it an ideal choice for ocean fishing.



Embarking on an ocean kayak fishing adventure is an extraordinary experience that demands careful preparation and respect for the elements. Equipping yourself with a Wavewalk kayak provides the stability, storage capacity, and maneuverability required to conquer the challenges of the open sea. Remember to prioritize safety, heed weather warnings, and enjoy the thrill of the ocean as you embark on your next fishing expedition.

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