Discover the Nomad Kayak: Your Perfect Companion for Adventure

When it comes to kayaking, there’s nothing quite like finding that perfect boat that effortlessly combines functionality, ease of use, and durability. As a seasoned kayaker, I’ve had my fair share of experiences with different types of kayaks, from SOTs to surfskis and touring kayaks. But none have impressed me quite like the Nomad Kayak, my latest treasure in the world of paddling.

The Allure of a Plastic Boat

Owning a large glass boat can be a constant source of worry. The fragility and weight make transporting and handling them a challenge. This is where the Nomad Kayak shines with its sturdy plastic construction. I remember my first foray into plastic SOTs with a 14-foot Ocean Kayak Scupper. While it held its own against other touring boats, it was undeniably heavy, requiring assistance to lift and carry. That’s when I stumbled upon the Nomad with its intriguing “wheel in the keel” feature.

Unraveling the Mystery: The Wheel in the Keel

Curious about this seemingly innovative design, I decided to investigate further. And let me tell you, I was convinced the moment I discovered its features. With molded-in bow and side handles, this kayak becomes the epitome of convenience. The inclusion of the wheel makes transportation a breeze. It’s apparent that someone with extensive kayaking experience designed this boat. Fellow kayakers are in awe when they witness how effortlessly I can lift the kayak by myself, using the handle to roll it wherever I please. No need for wheel carts or any other cumbersome equipment. The Nomad Kayak grants you the freedom to explore land and sea independently, whenever the mood strikes.

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A Versatile Companion for Any Adventure

While the Nomad may not be my go-to for long-distance paddling – that honor still belongs to my trusty Seda – it has proven itself capable on journeys of over six miles. With decent paddling skills, you can even keep up with sleeker boats. Tracking is not an issue either, as it performs admirably for a kayak of its size. In fact, maneuvering through the intricate mangrove mazes of the Everglades is a breeze with this kayak.

Ingenious Design and Remarkable Features

The Nomad doesn’t just excel in transportation and performance; it’s also packed with thoughtful design elements. Instead of relying on bolted pad-eyes, the kayak features sturdy brass bars seamlessly integrated into the mold. These bars provide a secure attachment point for the seat and other accessories, ensuring a rock-solid connection. Additionally, nestled in the cockpit between your legs, you’ll find a watertight hatch that offers easy access to essentials like your camera and lunch. The open hatch at the back is perfect for stowing a drybag or cooler. Lastly, the deluxe seat that comes with the Nomad surpasses any other SOT seat I’ve encountered.

Stability and Adaptability in One Package

One of the standout attributes of the Nomad Kayak is its remarkable stability. It’s so stable, in fact, that I frequently find myself standing up and paddling as if it were a paddleboard. However, like many other SOTs, the scupper drains often allow some water to seep in, leaving you sitting in a puddle. Fortunately, this is a minor inconvenience easily resolved with Ocean Kayak medium-sized scupper plugs. With the Nomad, you have the perfect companion for day trips, local excursions, and introducing friends to the joys of kayaking. It truly is a remarkable addition to my kayaking arsenal, alongside my beloved Seda.

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Nomad Kayak


In the vast sea of kayaks, the Nomad Kayak shines as a beacon of convenience, versatility, and ingenuity. Its plastic construction ensures worry-free transportation while maintaining impressive maneuverability. With its unique “wheel in the keel” feature and meticulous design details, you’ll find yourself effortlessly exploring new horizons. So, whether you’re embarking on a solo adventure or introducing others to the joys of kayaking, the Nomad Kayak is the perfect companion. Embrace the freedom it offers and let it propel you towards unforgettable experiences.

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