The Ultimate Paddlecraft Discovery

Have you ever dreamed of finding the perfect paddlecraft? A vessel that combines speed, stability, and comfort? Well, I believe I may have stumbled upon the Holy Grail of paddlecraft, and it goes by the name of Old Town Next.

The Quest for the Perfect Paddlecraft

Having spent my entire life navigating the waters in various canoes and kayaks, I always felt like something was missing. Don’t get me wrong, canoes and kayaks are fantastic vessels when used as intended. However, I couldn’t help but yearn for that elusive “something” that would take my paddlecraft experience to the next level.

A New Perspective

It all changed when my sister suggested I try kayaking. I took her advice, and it was a game-changer. My fleet now consists of two sit-in side kayaks, three sit-on-top kayaks, and a remarkable canoe/kayak hybrid. But there was still one problem – my size. As a big guy, most kayak models couldn’t accommodate my weight without sacrificing speed and agility. I was resigned to paddling at a snail’s pace, until fate intervened.

The Old Town Next – A Revelation

One day, while scrolling through my social media feed, a post caught my eye. It was selling an Old Town Next canoe, and I couldn’t help but be drawn to its vibrant color. Intrigued, I immediately visited the Old Town website to learn more. What I discovered left me in awe.

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Unveiling the Old Town Next

The Old Town Next is a solo 12-foot canoe with a staggering weight capacity of 450 pounds. And here’s the kicker – it weighs only 50 pounds! Equipped with comfortable seating and back support, it seemed too good to be true. Naturally, I had to put it to the test.

Overcoming the Learning Curve

My first voyage in the Old Town Next took me to open salt water with gentle waves. Having spent most of my paddlecraft adventures in sit-on-top kayaks with exceptional stability, adjusting to the rounded hull of the Next proved to be a challenge. However, after just five minutes, I found my balance and felt perfectly at ease. The boat was rock solid, even in motion.

A River Adventure

While rivers are my usual playground, I knew I needed to take the Old Town Next for a spin in these conditions before making a final decision. As a canoe/kayak hybrid, it was similar to one I already owned, at least on paper. But what sets the Next apart is its tumblehome hull design. This rounded bottom, combined with a narrowing gunwale, provides impressive secondary stability. Leaning turns became a breeze, enhancing the boat’s maneuverability. Watching a lighter friend execute a nimble spin on a dime was awe-inspiring, and although it took me a bit longer, I was still able to accomplish the feat.

The Perfect Match – Comfort and Stability

After covering approximately 10 miles in the Old Town Next, I fell head over heels for both its seat and hull. The mesh seat, nestled in a full frame, offers a recliner-like experience. It rests securely on a track system, allowing for customizable positioning to achieve the perfect balance. Adjustable footrests further enhance comfort and provide additional bracing during turns.

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In Search of the Holy Grail?

Is it really possible to find a paddlecraft that is lightweight, tracks well, turns sharply, offers comfortable seating, and welcomes larger paddlers? The answer is an emphatic yes! The Old Town Next is the embodiment of everything you could hope for in a paddlecraft.

Join the Quest

If you find yourself in pursuit of the Holy Grail of paddlecraft, I implore you to test drive an Old Town Next. This remarkable vessel will not disappoint. Embark on your own adventure today and experience the pinnacle of paddlecraft innovation.

Written by Sean

Old Town Next Canoe