Newport Kayak Motors: Unleash Your Angling Potential

Are you an avid kayak angler looking to enhance your fishing experience? Look no further than the NK180 brushless kayak motor. Designed specifically for kayak anglers, this motor offers outstanding performance and power, allowing you to increase your range and catch more fish in both fresh and saltwater.

Unleash the Power

With brushless technology that exceeds 5 MPH, the NK180 provides excellent efficiency and extremely low noise. Its direct drive design allows you to stealthily approach fish, giving you the upper hand. Plus, you have the flexibility to choose between two options for powering the motor: two affordable 12V lead-acid deep cycle batteries or a lighter-weight 24V lithium battery.

Versatile Operating Modes

The NK180 offers two operating modes: 24V and 25.9V. This versatility allows you to power the motor with either 2x 12V GEL, Lead Acid, or lithium deep cycle batteries. Choose the mode that best suits your needs and embark on your fishing adventures with confidence.

Easy Mounting, Enhanced Range

The NK-180 kayak motor is designed to enhance the range of any angler. It can be easily bolted directly to a 4 bolt PowerPole style stern mount or installed into the deck of your kayak. The mount pivots freely, allowing you to navigate underwater obstacles effortlessly. The durable aluminum motor head ensures it can handle any challenges you encounter.

You have the freedom to configure the steering cables to turn the motor like a rudder, using your kayak’s OEM mounted foot braces. Alternatively, you can lock the motor in a forward-drive position for use on SUPs and inflatable kayaks. The reverse function is enabled with a pull cord that locks the motor in a deployed position, preventing the propeller from lifting out of the water as you maneuver backwards.

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Unmatched Reliability

No matter your level of experience, the NK-180 offers an efficient and powerful motor in a durable package. You can rely on its performance as you navigate the waters and make the most of every fishing trip.

Trolling Motor Warranty: Peace of Mind Guaranteed

At Newport Vessels, we stand behind the quality of our products. That’s why the NK180 comes with a two-year limited warranty. We guarantee that each new electric trolling motor is free from defects in material and workmanship.

To ensure your satisfaction, please inspect the product upon delivery. If it arrives in a badly damaged box, notify us immediately. In such cases, refuse delivery, and we will send you a replacement.

Please note that this warranty covers defects in material and workmanship for a period of two years from the date of purchase. It does not apply to normal wear and tear or damage caused by neglect, abuse, accidents, theft, improper use, modification, use of non-Newport Vessels accessories or parts, alteration or removal of parts, or commercial use.

We want to make your warranty service experience as smooth as possible. To obtain warranty service for a defective product, ship the product to our Newport Vessels distribution center for inspection. Please include proof of original purchase. The customer is responsible for all related transport expenses and any other expenses associated with the service. We may request photographs before initiating the shipping process, subject to prior approval from a Newport Vessels manager.

Rest assured, our commitment to your satisfaction extends beyond mere repair. If a part is found to be defective, we will either repair or replace it at our discretion. We may even improve the design of the product without any obligation to modify previously manufactured units. Each product is entitled to one warranty claim submission and approval, after which it is no longer eligible for future claims.

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Please note that this warranty does not cover products purchased from unauthorized retailers or those labeled as “Refurbished,” “Renewed,” or “Used.”

With Newport Vessels and the NK180 brushless kayak motor, you can embark on your fishing expeditions with confidence, knowing that you have a reliable and powerful companion by your side.

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