Experience the Beauty of Manistee River Kayaking

Manistee River day trips

Are you ready for a unique adventure that will allow you to truly appreciate the wonders of nature? Look no further than a kayaking trip down the magnificent Manistee River. This experience is not just about floating downstream; it’s about taking the time to fully immerse yourself in the breathtaking surroundings, whether it’s stopping for a picnic, exploring hidden gems, or simply relaxing on the riverbank.

The Manistee River is renowned for its constant flow of crystal-clear water. Unlike other rivers where you may encounter obstacles, the Manistee River offers a seamless journey without any need for portaging. Its gravel beds and sand bars provide a smooth surface for an enjoyable float.

What sets this river apart is its pristine condition and minimal development along its banks. As you navigate through this river system, you’ll pass countless smaller rivers and pure water springs that contribute to its unparalleled beauty.

Explore the Manistee River

Chase Campground to Chippewa Landing – A Short Escape (2 hours)

Looking for a quick getaway? This trip is perfect for tube and raft enthusiasts. Spend a couple of hours on the river, soaking in the tranquility and enjoying the scenery.

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Missaukee Bridge to Chippewa Landing – Nature’s Wonderland (3.5 hours)

Embark on a journey like no other as you experience the unspoiled charm of the Manistee River. Towering hills, clear water gravel beds, and inviting sandbars await you. Explore islands, encounter abundant wildlife, and let the various tributaries join you on your downstream adventure. One trip won’t be enough to fully appreciate the beauty of this particular stretch of the river.

Rainbow Jim Bridge to Chippewa Landing – A Full Day of Delight (5 hours)

For those seeking an entire day of exploration, this trip is perfect for you. Start early and relish every moment on the river. Feel the serenity surround you as you immerse yourself in nature.

fishing Manistee River
fishing trip

And for the fishing enthusiasts, the Manistee River offers endless opportunities. Whether you prefer fly fishing or using bait, this cool and clean water fishery will not disappoint. From browns, rainbows, and brook trout to walleye and pike, the variety of species will keep you engaged. Don’t miss the famous hex hatch that occurs annually on the river.

Camping along the banks of the Manistee River has always been highly rated, and you can create an unforgettable experience by canoeing for as many days as you desire. Chippewa Landing can help you plan the ultimate trip on this untouched, natural river. With miles of pristine camping spots on mostly public land, you can choose to set up camp at the river level, on a high bluff overlooking the vast Northern Michigan forest, or alongside a babbling creek.

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M-66 Bridge to Chippewa Landing – An Overnight Adventure (8 hours)

Savor the journey with an overnight trip filled with pristine camping spots. Allow yourself 4-5 hours each day on the river.

Sharon to Chippewa Landing – A Three-Day Retreat (11.5 hours)

Take your time and enjoy a leisurely three-day trip, spending 3 to 4 hours on the river each day. Use this opportunity to fish, explore, and relax.

CCC Bridge to Chippewa Landing – A Memorable Four or Five Day Expedition (15 hours)

Embark on a unique adventure with this multi-day trip. The river will present a different landscape on the first day, with shallow waters and low banks. This section is known for being a “flies only” stretch, prohibiting the use of live bait.

M-72 and Above to Chippewa Landing – A True Canoeing Experience (20+ hours)

If you’re a serious adventurer seeking an extended canoeing journey, this trip is for you. Be prepared for shallow waters and obstacles during the initial days.

Whether you choose to embark on a springtime adventure with long warm days and vibrant wildlife, or witness the enchanting autumn colors reflected in the water, the Manistee River promises an unforgettable experience. Download our brochure with detailed maps and start planning your unforgettable trip today. UpStreamPaddle