Exploring the Loon Kayak Experience – A Recreational Journey

The world of kayaking is a captivating realm that promises thrilling adventures and serene moments alike. In this article, we will dive into the realm of the Loon Kayak Old Town, discovering its wonders as we navigate through the waters.

A Fleet of Boats, One Favorite

With 5’11” height and weighing 185lbs, I have had the privilege of owning a wide array of kayaks, including two Loon 111’s, two Vapor 10’s, one Castaway, and two Otter Sports. Amidst this impressive collection, there is one kayak that stands out above the rest – the Loon 111. From countless excursions on various rivers like the Charles, Nashua, and Merrimack to leisurely afternoons spent on Long Sought for Pond, Lake Cochituate, and Whitehall Reservoir, this kayak has proved itself to be the ultimate all-around recreational companion.

Versatility and Stability Unleashed

The Loon 111 effortlessly tackles any challenge thrown its way. Whether I’m paddling through calm waters or navigating moderate to heavy chop with winds reaching 10-15mph, this kayak’s initial and secondary stability consistently shine. Its impressive stability grants me peace of mind, even during encounters with large boat wakes. There was only one instance where I momentarily felt the threat of tipping, and that was quickly mitigated with a swift maneuver.

A True Tracker

One concern I had initially was the potential for unwanted swing caused by wind resistance. However, to my pleasant surprise, the Loon 111 tracks with exceptional accuracy, even without the aid of a rudder. Its straight and true trajectory allows for a seamless kayaking experience, providing stability and control throughout the journey. Though I have yet to test it on long open water crossings, I can envision the Loon 111 gracefully navigating the calm waters with proper flotation.

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A Sturdy Companion

Built with the durable Polylink 3 material, the Loon 111 boasts unrivaled durability. However, this robust construction does come at the cost of weight, making it slightly heavier compared to other options. Nevertheless, its weight and width are a small price to pay for the reliable performance it delivers. While it may not rival the speed of a Castaway, speed is not my priority. I take pleasure in the casual art of paddling, capturing the beauty of nature through my camera lens, or simply savoring those tranquil moments as I dangle my legs over the cockpit’s edge.

A Diamond in the Rough

Purchasing both of my Loon 111’s on Craigslist for under $300 each, including a paddle, was a steal. Despite being a casual paddler, I haven’t treated them delicately. Scratches on the outer hull have been the most noticeable blemish, affecting the aesthetics rather than the kayak’s performance. The trim around the coming did separate on one of the Loons, but a quick fix with marine sealant had me back on the water in no time. These minor inconveniences pale in comparison to the remarkable recreational experience that the Loon 111 delivers. So, if you stumble upon a reasonably priced one in good condition, don’t hesitate to seize the opportunity.

Minor Imperfections

While it’s crucial to acknowledge the Loon 111’s strengths, it’s essential to shed light on its limitations too. The kayak’s weight, lack of drain plug, and absence of dry storage are the reasons I would rate it a 9 out of 10. However, I have found simple solutions to these minor inconveniences. Investing in a Seal Line dry bag to store my belongings neatly behind the seat effectively addresses the lack of dry storage. Additionally, a gel seat cushion can provide the much-needed comfort during long hours on the water.

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A Testimony to Recommend

In conclusion, the Loon 111 has captured my heart and secured its place as my go-to kayak. Its versatility, stability, and durability make it a remarkable recreational companion. I wholeheartedly recommend this yak to anyone seeking unforgettable adventures on the water. Remember, whether your journey leads you through gentle streams or exhilarating rapids, any day spent kayaking is a day well spent.

Loon Kayak

For more information on the Loon Kayak Old Town and the world of kayaking, visit UpStreamPaddle. Happy paddling!