Kayaking Adventures: Exploring the Water with Your Family


Are you ready to embark on a thrilling journey with your family? Look no further than kayaking! Experience the excitement of paddling together, creating lasting memories while exploring the serene beauty of lakes and rivers. With the right preparation and equipment, kayaking with your kids can be a fantastic adventure that will bring your family closer than ever. In this article, we’ll share our own kayaking experiences, provide valuable tips, and introduce you to the perfect kayaks for your family. So, grab your paddles and let’s dive in!

The Joy of Family Kayaking

When we think of kayaking, visions of conquering extreme rapids or navigating treacherous waters may come to mind. However, for our family, kayaking is all about gentle paddling and enjoying flatwater adventures. We find solace in the tranquil lakes and rivers, immersing ourselves in the slow travel experience. Whether you’re interested in sea kayaking, whitewater adventures, or peaceful lakeside explorations, our insights as kayaking parents will help guide you in making the right choice for your family.

Our Preferred Style of Kayaking

Our kayaking journey revolves around three key aspects:

  • Flatwater paddling, such as freshwater lakes, where tranquility and leisurely exploration take center stage.
  • Tandem kayaks: We opt for two Sea Eagle 370 Inflatable Kayaks, allowing one adult and one child to share the experience in each boat.
  • Short trips: Our paddling adventures usually last a few hours, offering a perfect balance between excitement and comfort. We start and end our trips at either our car or campsite.

Discovering New Perspectives through Kayaking

There are numerous reasons we wanted our kids to join us on our kayaking adventures. For instance, kayaking allows us to witness the world from a unique vantage point. Instead of observing a lake from the shore, we can gaze into its depths and witness the abundance of life within. Our kids love exploring the water, spotting underwater plants, insects, and fish.

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Moreover, kayaking fosters a deeper bond within our family. It enables us to escape the digital world, disconnect from our busy lives, and reconnect with one another on the water. As we paddle together, we learn the importance of teamwork, creating cherished memories that strengthen our family ties. Furthermore, kayaking provides a sense of equality for all family members, allowing us to move at the same pace and experience the wonders of nature together.

Determining the Right Time to Kayak with Kids

Many parents wonder when the ideal time is to introduce their kids to kayaking. Some embark on kayaking adventures with infants, while others prefer to wait until their children reach kindergarten age. For us, the decision to start kayaking with our kids was carefully considered. Here are some factors we took into account:


  • Toilet trained: We wanted our kids to be independent in terms of personal hygiene since diaper-changing on a kayak would be inconvenient.
  • Ability to follow safety rules: It was crucial for us that our kids could understand and comply with safety measures, including staying in the boat, wearing a life jacket, and listening to our instructions.


  • Sitting and watching contentedly: We wanted to ensure that our kids would be comfortable sitting in a kayak for extended periods, enjoying the peaceful surroundings without getting bored or cranky.
  • Willingness to paddle: Although paddling was not mandatory, we observed if our kids showed an interest in paddling or if they were content to let the adults handle it.

Fun and Exploration:

  • Enthusiasm for new experiences: We wanted our kids to exhibit excitement and curiosity about venturing into the world of kayaking, as it would enhance their overall enjoyment of the activity.

We believe these considerations will help you gauge when your kids are ready to set sail on their own kayaking adventures.

Unlocking a World of Water Adventures

Introducing our kids to kayaking has opened doors to various other boating experiences, expanding their horizons and our family outings. Let’s explore some of the exciting opportunities we’ve discovered:

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During a camping trip, we had the opportunity to paddle in a three-person wooden canoe, providing a different boating experience that our kids thoroughly enjoyed. Canoeing offers a chance to embrace the beauty of nature as we glide across serene mountain lakes.


Taking a ferry ride to one of the islands in Puget Sound was an unforgettable experience that delighted the whole family. We embraced the freedom of watching jellyfish and majestic orcas from the safety of the boat, knowing our kids were content and secure.

Boat Cruises:

Our family adventure to Channel Islands National Park introduced us to the wonders of whale watching. We embarked on a boat cruise, marveling at the sight of gray whales and an array of marine life. It’s incredible how kayaking has prepared us for such memorable encounters.

Essentials for a Family Kayaking Outing

To ensure a successful kayaking trip, packing the right gear is essential. While it’s tempting to include everything, simplicity is key. Here’s a list of items we recommend for a family kayaking outing:

Hydration and Nutrition:

  • Sufficient water supply for each family member, including a mixture of water bottles and a hydration reservoir.
  • Nutritious snacks such as trail mix, fruit leathers, jerky, and fresh fruit. For longer trips, consider packing tortilla wraps or sandwiches.

Safety and Technology:

  • GoPro or similar action cameras to capture the excitement of your adventure.
  • Waterproof phone cases or dedicated pockets in your personal flotation devices (PFDs) for easy access to your smartphones.
  • Basic first aid kit, identification, credit card, and keys stored in a dry bag.
  • Hats and sunglasses to protect against the sun’s rays and keep the whole family comfortable.

The Perfect Kayaks for Family Expeditions

Choosing the right kayak for your family is crucial. There are numerous options available, each catering to different needs and preferences. Our personal favorite is the Sea Eagle 370 tandem inflatable kayak. Here’s why it’s the ideal fit for our family:

Practicality and Accessibility:

  • Easy storage and transportation: The Sea Eagle 370 deflates and fits into large carry bags, which can be conveniently placed in your vehicle when heading to a launch site or stored in your camping gear.
  • Independent setup: Even without assistance, one adult and the kids can handle moving the deflated kayaks, making it convenient for everyone involved.
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  • Tandem configuration: Our Sea Eagle 370 allows one adult and one child to share a boat, providing an optimal arrangement for family outings. Additionally, it offers the flexibility for solo kayaking if one adult wants to explore alone while the others stay onshore.


  • Sturdy construction: Despite being inflatable, the Sea Eagle 370 is designed with durable materials, ensuring it can withstand the rigors of kayaking adventures. Its multiple air chambers and airtight valves provide added safety and peace of mind.


  • Budget-friendly option: The Sea Eagle brand offers quality inflatable kayaks at reasonable prices, making it accessible for families seeking an affordable yet reliable option. With all the necessary accessories included, such as seats, paddles, and repair kits, the Sea Eagle 370 is an excellent value.

Discovering the Sea Eagle 370 tandem inflatable kayak has been a game-changer for our family. It strikes the perfect balance between convenience, stability, and enjoyment, allowing us to embark on incredible kayaking expeditions as a family.

Strengthening Bonds and Embracing Adventure

Our first kayaking excursion with our kids in Hawaii set the stage for a lifetime of water-based exploration. Sitting in the middle of their kayaks, marveling at nature’s wonders, our kids discovered a whole new world of excitement and tranquility. Through kayaking, we’ve built stronger bonds within our family, immersed ourselves in the beauty of nature, and cultivated a passion for adventure.

Now that we’ve shared our experiences, tips, and insights, it’s time for you to embark on your own kayaking journey with your family. Choose the right equipment, plan your outings wisely, and get ready to create lasting memories. Remember, the world looks different from the water’s perspective, and kayaking offers a unique way to explore and appreciate the wonders that surround us.

So, grab your paddles, pack your gear, and head out for an unforgettable kayaking adventure with your loved ones. The calmness of the water awaits, and the joy of family bonding is just a paddle away. Explore, discover, and make lifelong memories together. Happy kayaking!