Your Ultimate Guide to Kayak Trolling Motor Setups

Kayaking is more than just a way to experience freedom and independence; it’s also an opportunity to explore places previously off-limits. However, the joy of kayaking can be dampened by long and tiring paddling sessions. That’s where a kayak trolling motor comes in, offering much-needed relief during those extended trips. But before you invest in a motor, it’s crucial to find the right mount for your kayak. In this article, we will explore different kayak motor mounts to help you make an informed decision.

Universal Mounts: The Solution for Every Kayak

Mounting a trolling motor on a kayak can be challenging, as most kayak manufacturers don’t offer specific mounting kits for their boats. Luckily, there are universal mounts available in the market that can be adapted to fit various kayaks. In this article, we will compare different options to help you find the perfect one for your needs.

The Four Bolt Stern Mount: Secure and Efficient

The fishing kayak market has widely adopted the four bolt mount, popularized by PowerPole Micro Anchors. Although not available on every fishing kayak, this mount has become an industry standard. Newport developed the NK-180S Kayak Motor, utilizing this 4-bolt mounting pattern. It ensures a direct fit on a wide range of kayaks without the need for specialized mounts. The four bolt stern mount offers the most secure and durable way to motorize your kayak, significantly enhancing speed, efficiency, and overall performance.

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Low-Quality Kayak Motor Mounts: A Budget-Friendly Option

For those on a tight budget, low-quality kayak motor mounts can be an attractive choice. Ranging from $60 to $200, these mounts may look like they were made in someone’s garage, but they get the job done. Designed to fit inside rod holders on kayaks ranging from 26” to 36” in width, these mounts can be convenient for kayaks with existing rod holders. They are compatible with both Sit-on-top and Sit-Inside kayaks and can support up to 55lb thrust trolling motors.

However, there are some downsides to consider. If your kayak doesn’t have rod holders, you’ll have to install your own. Since these mounts rely on rod holders, they may not provide the stability and security you desire. They can also cause the motor to sway, which might be concerning for users with motors hanging over the water. Additionally, the materials used for these mounts, such as aluminum and stainless steel, may be of low quality, with unfinished cut PVC used for the down tubes. If budget and functionality are your top priorities, this option might be suitable for you.

Railblaza Kayak Transom Mount Kit: Premium Quality and Versatility

When it comes to the best kayak motor mount, the Railblaza Kayak Transom Mount Kit stands out. Made with high-quality materials like anodized aluminum, stainless steel, and UV-stabilized reinforced plastics, this kit offers exceptional durability for both fresh and saltwater use. Once assembled and installed, it provides stability and minimal sway or movement. What makes this kit even more attractive is its compatibility with other Railblaza accessories, allowing you to switch from paddling to your kayak trolling motor in under 30 seconds. While drilling into your kayak and ensuring a flat mounting surface are necessary, the versatility and durability of the Railblaza mount kit make it a top choice.

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Brocraft Kayak Trolling Motor Mount: A Balanced Option

If you’re looking for a reasonably priced trolling motor mount, the Brocraft Kayak Trolling Motor Mount is worth considering. Priced at $135.99, it sits between the low-quality garage models and the premium Railblaza mount. Made with marine-grade aluminum, this mount is both durable and corrosion-resistant for use in saltwater. It is adjustable to fit different kayak widths and offers flexibility regarding mounting angles.

However, there are a few downsides to this option. The Brocraft motor mount is only rated for 35lbs of thrust, which may not inspire confidence in its strength and durability. If you own a 55lb kayak trolling motor, this mount won’t be able to support it. Additionally, the provided mounting equipment may not provide sufficient stability, with only four screws to hold the motor mount. If you’re willing to drill into your kayak’s hull, it’s advisable to choose a more secure and stable option.

DIY: Customize Your Mount

For those who enjoy customization and have the necessary skills, a DIY kayak trolling motor mount can be a great option. The price can range from $0 upwards, depending on the materials you have or need to acquire. This option allows you to tailor the mount to fit your kayak perfectly. You also have the freedom to add additional features or personalize the design according to your liking.

However, it’s important to note that DIY mounts require adequate knowledge and experience. Without proper guidance or expertise, you might end up damaging your kayak or facing stability issues due to a failed motor mount. If you decide to go this route, make sure to follow detailed instructions and ensure the mount provides the necessary security and stability.

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To explore our favorite kayak trolling motor mount, check out the Railblaza mount kit. With its exceptional quality and versatility, it offers a seamless transition from paddling to using your kayak trolling motor in no time.

Remember, whichever mount you choose, always prioritize safety and quality. A well-mounted trolling motor can bring immense convenience and enjoyment to your kayaking adventures. So, embark on your next journey with confidence and efficiency!