The Ultimate Kayak Trailer: A Perfect Solution for Easy Transport

Are you tired of the hassle of loading and securing your kayaks on top of your vehicle? Do you wish for a more convenient way to transport your kayaks? Look no further! We have the perfect solution for you – a kayak trailer from Harbor Freight!

The Need for a Kayak Trailer

Imagine the ease of just sliding your kayaks onto a trailer, securing them with a few straps, and hitting the road in no time. No more struggling to lift your kayaks onto a high vehicle or spending precious time securing them. A kayak trailer can make your paddling adventures more enjoyable and hassle-free.

Finding the Perfect Trailer

After thorough research, we discovered that the Harbor Freight Super Duty Folding Trailer, with its 1720-pound capacity and 48-inch by 96-inch dimensions, offers the best value for money. This trailer received positive reviews, making it a popular choice among kayakers. Keep in mind that assembly is required, but don’t worry, it’s a do-it-yourself project.

Unveiling the Features

The Harbor Freight kayak trailer boasts a tilting deck, allowing you to secure it to your vehicle using the hitch. With just a few pins to remove, you can tilt the entire bed to make loading and unloading a breeze. However, keep in mind that while the trailer can handle most loads, driving a lawn tractor onto it might require ramps.

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Once assembled, the trailer can be folded to a compact size, occupying just 2 ft. x 5 ft. 3 in. of floor space. Although it may be heavy to fold for some, it comes with dolly wheels for easy maneuverability. However, we recommend caution, as these wheels may not withstand heavy loads.

The trailer’s heavy-duty steel frame features a durable red baked enamel finish, ensuring both sturdiness and aesthetics. The frame is coated inside and out with this enamel, reinforcing its durability. However, grounding the lights might be challenging due to the enamel coating, so keep this in mind during installation.

A Sturdy and Reliable Design

The trailer features a robust A-frame tongue and a reinforced frame held together by multiple bolts. Equipped with durable 5-inch x 12-inch tires and a three-leaf suspension, it can handle rough roads with ease. The enclosed axle, concealed within a heavy-duty steel framework, further enhances its stability.

The Assembly Process

Let’s be honest; assembling the trailer will require some effort. The comprehensive manual provides instructions, but it may leave you scratching your head at times. While the illustrations are helpful, double-checking and following each step meticulously is essential. Keep in mind that you’ll need to assemble every nut, bolt, and screw to create the trailer.

Overcoming Challenges

During our assembly, we encountered a few setbacks, such as receiving two right-side pieces for the front frame section. Determined to proceed, we measured and drilled the necessary holes to work around this issue. Apart from this minor hiccup, the assembly process was relatively smooth sailing.

Enhancing the Trailer for Your Needs

Once you have assembled the trailer, it’s time to customize it for your specific requirements. Consider adding side rail holders for attaching a rail or stake rack. These holders allow you to mount a 2×4 securely, providing additional space for equipment or accessories. While you may need to trim and adjust the fit, these holders offer versatility and sturdiness.

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Taking Your Kayak Hauler to the Next Level

After completing the trailer assembly, we turned our attention to securing our kayaks effectively. While there are various kayak carrier options available, we decided to construct a simple frame to accommodate our kayaks. By utilizing the side rail mounts on the trailer, we positioned our kayaks above the fenders and wheels, ensuring visibility while driving and backing up.

Creating a Custom Kayak Frame

To build our kayak frame, we attached vertical 2x4s to the side rail mounts, leaving ample clearance for additional cargo. We then added horizontal 2x4s to provide stability and a secure place to strap our kayaks. This configuration allowed us to slide the kayaks onto the frame easily and secure them in place quickly.

For added convenience, we opted for a V-shaped kayak holder designed for roof cross racks. This holder securely screws onto the steel posts incorporated into our frame, ensuring the stability of our larger kayak. We also devised a unique strap arrangement to prevent any lateral movement during transport, enhancing the safety and security of our kayaks.

Conclusion: A Perfect Solution for Your Kayaking Adventures

In summary, the Harbor Freight kayak trailer offers a practical and affordable solution for transporting your kayaks with ease. While the assembly process may require time and patience, the end result is a sturdy and reliable trailer. By customizing it to suit your needs, you can create an efficient and secure kayak hauling system. So, why wait? Upgrade your kayaking experience with the Harbor Freight kayak trailer today!

Finished Trailer