The Solo Skiff: Redefining Kayak Fishing

Picture this: a fishing kayak, a SUP, and a power boat combined into one incredible watercraft. What do you get? The Solo Skiff.

A Fishing Kayak with Endless Possibilities

The Solo Skiff is unlike any other fishing kayak you’ve ever seen. Its versatility knows no bounds – from floating in just 3 inches of water to punching through waves, this kayak is ready for any adventure.

With the Solo Skiff, the motor becomes your best friend. No more fatigue or fighting against wind or current. With the motor’s assistance, you can go wherever you please, saving time and energy.

Discover Hidden Fishing Spots

Imagine having more time to explore those fishing spots you’ve always dreamed of but never had the chance to visit. With the Solo Skiff, you can go further and faster, maximizing your fishing time.

A True Fishing Machine

The Solo Skiff lives up to its reputation as the “fishing kayak on steroids.” Whether you’re trolling for salmon, fly fishing, or bass fishing, this kayak has got you covered. Its rock-solid design ensures stability, even when you’re standing.

Thanks to its wider build, the Solo Skiff offers unmatched stability. No more worrying about tipping over – the Solo Skiff keeps you secure and steady on the water. You can easily stand and paddle or sight fish without any hindrances.

Fishing Kayak

Your Customizable Fishing Companion

The Solo Skiff is not just a vessel; it’s a blank canvas for you to customize. From rod holders to leaning bars, the options are endless. You can tailor the kayak to your preferences and make it truly your own.

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Need storage space? The Solo Skiff has got you covered. With its large seat/storage hatch and additional deck port, you can store all your gear and equipment with ease. Whether it’s a livewell or anchor storage, the Solo Skiff can handle it.

Safety First

Safety is paramount, and the Solo Skiff was designed with your well-being in mind. Its deck is water-resistant, meaning you don’t have to worry about swamping the boat. Wave water simply runs off within seconds, ensuring stability and peace of mind.

The Solo Skiff meets the stringent safety requirements set by the US Coast Guard. With its specially engineered hull and additional floatation blocks, this kayak is more buoyant than any other fishing kayak on the market.

Easy Launch and Load

Transporting the Solo Skiff is a breeze. Whether you have a pickup truck or prefer a small trailer, loading and launching is a simple task. For off-road or beach trips, a dolly is the perfect solution. The Solo Skiff gives you options like no other kayak.

Fishing kayak on sand

Empower Your Fishing with the Solo Skiff

Visit your local dealer today and discover the unparalleled world of the Solo Skiff. From its unmatched versatility to its customizable features and safety-first design, the Solo Skiff redefines what it means to fish from a kayak. Don’t miss out on this ultimate fishing companion.