Kayak Rigging: Expert Tips to Optimize Your Fishing Experience

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Are you embarking on your kayak fishing journey and seeking guidance on rigging your kayak? Or maybe you’re a seasoned angler preparing for a kayak tournament series and looking to fine-tune your setup. No matter your level of experience, we all share a love for the sport and a desire for gear that caters to our specific needs.

Functionality Takes Priority

When rigging your kayak, always prioritize function over form. Each installation should serve a purpose, no matter how small. It’s perfectly acceptable to indulge in being a gear enthusiast as long as each addition serves its intended function. Remember, the key is to maximize utility on the water.

Personalize Your Setup

Each angler has their own unique fishing style and preferences. What works well for one person may not necessarily suit another. The market is flooded with a plethora of accessories that can enhance your fishing experience and potentially help you catch more fish. When rigging your kayak, ensure that the setup complements your fishing style and personal preferences.

Put Your Gear to the Test

Once you’ve rigged your kayak, put every piece of gear through rigorous testing. Embrace every opportunity to hit the water and evaluate the effectiveness of your setup. If any component fails to perform as expected, don’t hesitate to make adjustments and try again. Field testing is key to refining your rig until it meets your specific needs.

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Paddle First, Modify Second

Before making any modifications, take your kayak out for a paddle. This allows you to appreciate the benefits that potential modifications can offer. Furthermore, it helps you assess the necessity of each addition. Spend some time familiarizing yourself with your kayak, and you’ll gain valuable insights into which bungees, rod holders, or other accessories are truly essential. This approach avoids unnecessary rigging that may end up gathering dust.

Visualize and Mock It Up

Once you’ve settled on the modifications you desire, consider creating mock-ups to visualize how they will affect your kayak’s behavior. The flexibility provided by track-mounted accessories is particularly advantageous. If you encounter issues like your fishfinder interfering with your rod movement, simply relocate it to the other side. If track mounts aren’t available, at least position the accessories temporarily and thoroughly test them in various scenarios before making any permanent modifications. This way, you can save yourself from drilling unnecessary holes or having to patch old ones.

Tap into the Community’s Wisdom

The kayak fishing community is a treasure trove of knowledge. Take advantage of kayak Facebook groups, YouTube channels, and blogs to find valuable insights and learn from others’ experiences. Often, you’ll discover the most effective ways to achieve your goals without having to go through extensive trial and error. Share your rigging journey with fellow enthusiasts, and they’ll gladly offer advice, pictures, replies, and even videos to assist you. Remember, while seeking guidance is essential, ultimately, you need to rig your kayak to suit your unique style.

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Personalize Your Rigging Company Choice

Numerous kayak rigging companies exist in the market, each offering a range of products. Research thoroughly to explore all the options available. As your knowledge expands, you’ll stumble upon new rigging ideas ideally suited to your kayak. Among the top companies that produce quality products are Yakattack, Railblaza, and Scotty. Choose a company that matches your needs, budget, and style. For me, Yakattack reigns supreme; it has exclusively adorned both my rigs, providing a clean and integrated appearance.

Plan, Measure, and Drill with Care

Prior to drilling, meticulously plan and lay out all the accessories and add-ons you intend to install. Sit inside your kayak and ensure that everything is positioned appropriately and within easy reach. Take measurements, mark the areas to be drilled, and double-check your calculations. When drilling, use a drill bit that is one size smaller than the installation bolt to create threads in the plastic without the need for additional adhesive. Always utilize the provided hardware and exercise caution not to overtighten the bolts.

Now, with your kayak expertly rigged, it’s time to hit the water and savor the exhilaration of fishing in your personalized vessel!

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Thanks to Terrell, Greg, and Eron for sharing their invaluable tips!

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