The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Kayak

Are you ready to embark on a thrilling kayaking adventure? Choosing the right kayak is crucial for a safe and enjoyable experience on the water. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to find the perfect fit. But worry not! We’ve done the research for you and compiled a comprehensive guide to help you make an informed decision.

Introducing the Best Overall Kayak: Wilderness Systems Pungo 120

Length: 12′ 2″ | Capacity: 325 lbs

The Wilderness Systems Pungo 120 is a classic kayak that excels in almost every aspect. Its stability, maneuverability, and tracking abilities set it apart from the competition. This versatile vessel is popular among paddlers due to its broad range of capabilities. Unlike other kayaks that compromise either maneuverability or tracking, the Pungo 120 strikes the perfect balance. Whether you’re navigating gentle currents or gliding across serene lakes, this kayak delivers exceptional performance.

Wilderness Systems Pungo 120

Comfort is key when spending hours on the water, and the Pungo 120 doesn’t disappoint. With a spacious 20-inch cockpit and a padded seat, you’ll enjoy a luxurious paddling experience. Wilderness Systems has created a high-quality hybrid crossover that truly shines in all conditions.

While the Pungo 120 is slightly lighter than average, its bulky design makes it challenging to carry solo. Additionally, the storage hatch cover requires careful attention over time. However, the kayak’s versatility and remarkable features more than make up for these minor drawbacks. If you’re looking for a reliable and high-value kayak that can handle various paddling styles and environments, the Wilderness Systems Pungo 120 is an excellent choice.

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Best Sit-on-Top Kayak: Wilderness Systems Tarpon 105

Length: 10′ 6″ | Capacity: 325 lbs

The Wilderness Systems Tarpon 105 takes the sit-on-top kayak design to new heights. This maneuverable kayak offers exceptional storage, comfort, and functionality. Its stability and open design make it easy to hop on and off, while the self-draining feature ensures a dry and comfortable ride. The Tarpon 105 stands out among its competitors with its superior handling and an array of additional features.

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Wilderness Systems Tarpon 105

Although the Tarpon 105 comes at a slightly higher price point, its all-around performance and extra features justify the investment. Its versatility allows you to tackle any water adventure with ease. If you’re searching for a sit-on-top kayak that offers the best of both worlds, the Wilderness Systems Tarpon 105 is an unbeatable choice.

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Great Value for a Sit-On-Top Model: Ocean Kayak Malibu 11.5

Length: 11′ 5″ | Capacity: 360 lbs

Looking for a versatile kayak that offers excellent value for your money? Meet the Ocean Kayak Malibu 11.5. This kayak combines the trusted design of the Scrambler 11.5 with several upgrades, resulting in a top-notch boat at a mid-range price. The Malibu 11.5 boasts exceptional construction quality and a smart design, making it a standout choice for both beginners and experienced paddlers.

Ocean Kayak Malibu 11.5

The Malibu 11.5’s long keel and pontoon-style tri-form hull design ensure excellent tracking, glide, and stability even in challenging conditions. With spacious storage wells on the bow and stern, this kayak is ready for all-day trips and overnight adventures. Despite being slightly heavier, the Malibu 11.5 offers superior stability, making it a safe and enjoyable option for paddlers of all ages.

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Best Bang for the Buck: Old Town Vapor 10

Length: 10′ 0″ | Capacity: 325 lbs

If you’re not ready to splurge on an expensive high-end kayak just yet, don’t worry! Old Town has you covered with the budget-friendly Vapor 10. Designed for fun and enjoyment without breaking the bank, this beginner-friendly kayak offers excellent value for your money. With its maneuverable and sturdy 10-foot length and flat bottom hull, the Vapor 10 provides a forgiving and comfortable paddling experience.

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Old Town Vapor 10

While the Vapor 10 may not be the most hydrodynamic kayak, it excels in stability and ease of use. Its lack of excessive padding and adjustability is balanced by its reliable construction and durability. If you’re looking for a decent quality kayak at an affordable price, the Old Town Vapor 10 is the perfect choice for you.

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Impressive Lightweight Performance: Eddyline Skylark

Length: 12′ 0″ | Capacity: 295 lbs

The Eddyline Skylark stands out with its lightweight and performance-focused design. Constructed with ABS, this kayak strikes the perfect balance between durability and a lightweight composite look. Weighing in as one of the lightest kayaks in our tests, the Skylark offers remarkable stability and maneuverability without weighing you down.

Eddyline Skylark

The Skylark’s cockpit is designed to accommodate a spray skirt, keeping you dry in rough waters. With its sealed chambers, this kayak ensures that water stays out of your storage hatches, reducing the risk of sinking. While it may lack a drain plug for water removal, its performance and lightweight nature make it a top choice for those seeking agility and ease of transport.

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Best Glide and Tracking: Dagger Stratos 12.5 S

Length: 12′ 6″ | Capacity: 250 lbs

For those seeking a kayak that glides effortlessly and tracks efficiently, look no further than the Dagger Stratos 12.5 S. This well-engineered boat combines length and hull design to deliver unparalleled glide and performance on both calm and turbulent waters. Additionally, the Stratos 12.5 S features multiple storage options, making it ideal for multi-day adventures.

Dagger Stratos 12.5 S

While the Dagger Stratos 12.5 S offers exceptional performance, it may be more than what most casual paddlers need. If you’re primarily interested in recreational floating or occasional kayaking trips, there are more cost-effective and stable options available. However, if you aspire to explore great distances or tackle challenging water conditions, the Dagger Stratos 12.5 S is the perfect companion.

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Best Portable Model: Oru Beach LT

Length: 12′ 3″ | Capacity: 300 lbs

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For boaters with limited storage space or a preference for portability, the Oru Beach LT is the ultimate choice. This inflatable kayak boasts a light and space-saving origami-style design that can be easily stored in a closet or transported without the need for a rack or straps. Within minutes, you can set up the Beach LT and get on the water, making it a hassle-free option.

Oru Beach LT

While the Oru Beach LT offers many advantages, it has a few design flaws that affect its performance. Its limited bracing points and a large cockpit can decrease stability on windy days. Additionally, the lightweight nature of the kayak makes it susceptible to being blown around by strong winds. However, if you prioritize portability and convenience, the Oru Beach LT is an excellent investment for your kayaking adventures.

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Why You Should Trust Us

Our team of expert paddlers has rigorously tested these kayaks in various conditions and locations, ensuring accurate and reliable information. We evaluated each kayak based on six key performance metrics: Glide and Tracking, Stability, Maneuverability, Ease of Transport, Comfort, and Construction Quality.

Our lead tester, Sara James, brings a wealth of kayaking experience from her time with the University of Leeds Kayaking Club and her adventurous expeditions worldwide. Dan Kramer, an expert in swiftwater rescue and rafting, provided invaluable insights from his years of teaching and guiding on Lake Tahoe. With our diverse team and rigorous testing approach, we provide you with trustworthy and unbiased kayak reviews.


Choosing the perfect kayak requires careful consideration of various factors. Our comprehensive guide has highlighted the best kayaks in different categories based on their performance metrics. Whether you prioritize stability, maneuverability, gliding capabilities, or portability, there’s a kayak that fits your needs.

Remember, the best kayak is the one that makes you feel comfortable and excited to explore the water. So, equip yourself with the knowledge from our guide and embark on your kayaking adventures with confidence!

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