Launch Your Kayak with Ease Using the KayaArm

Are you tired of struggling to get in and out of your kayak from a high dock? Do you want a stable and convenient solution? Look no further than the KayaArm! This innovative device allows you to launch your kayak effortlessly, providing stability and ease of access.

What People Are Saying About the KayaArm

Mar 2021 from NC

“I purchased two KayaArm’s for kayak storage at the dock and of course more stable launching. It blends in very well with my Wahoo Dock, and there are not enough words to fully express how HAPPY and PLEASED I am. It was an easy installation, and this was the FIRST time I have gotten into and out of my kayak without taking the plunge! Not a drop of water in the kayak either! This arthritic knee, hip, and shoulder ole lady THANKS YOU!”

Jan 2021 from MN

“We really like the KayaArm. Makes it possible for me to get in and out of my Kayak.”

Jan 2021 from ON

“My wife and I really appreciate our KayaArm. We live on a creek where the water level can really fluctuate, and we have a fixed dock which doesn’t go up and down with the changing levels. The ability to change the height of the KayaArm on a daily basis really helps us with getting in and out of our boats safely. For our inexperienced friends that come over and fear that they will flip the kayak while getting in, that fear has been alleviated.”

Jan 2021 from SC

“I helped put my neighbors on her dock. Liked it and so had to have one for my wife.”

Dec 2020 from GA

“Thought I would relay to you that I put the device together, installed it on the dock, all with absolutely no issues. I stood up in the kayak and it was stable, sat down and off I went. Returned to the dock and the device again worked as advertised. Thank you, I am a very satisfied customer as I am sure you hear back from many others…. GREAT PRODUCT!”

Nov 2020 from NV

“Learned of your product from a friend that bought one. What a great idea. Can’t wait to install it. We live in Northern Nevada and plan to paddle on our Lake year-round. It’ll be nice to not have to get feet in the water when it’s just above freezing. Your product is the perfect solution.”

Nov 2020 from MN

“The KayaArm worked great for us. Wish I had known about it sooner – would’ve bought one a long time ago! We put it on our dock on a lake in Maine, so thanks for the suggestion regarding removing it for winter. Thanks for creating a product that is easy to use and reasonably priced.”

Nov 2020 from MA

“I’m enjoying it especially as my body ages further. It has kept me on the water. Thank you.”

Oct 2020 from ON

“I love it! Easy to use and it keeps my kayak dry and spider-free! Love not having to struggle with a cover anymore. I hope to be able to buy another set next season for our other kayak.”

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Oct 2020 from NC

“I’ve only used it a few times, but it works great! No nonsense, efficient, effective design. Can’t imagine that much more expensive alternatives would be as effective for solo launching. Definitely fills a need very well. Thank you!”

Oct 2020 from ON

“After searching for a solution on how to get out of my kayak for the last two years, I found your company. Simple, elegant, it works, looks good, and is an inexpensive solution. I would recommend it.”

Oct 2020 from BC

“I watched my neighbor go install a KayaArm on her dock. I was intrigued by how simple it was. She was enjoying her new easy access into her kayak, and after checking it out, I ordered one as well. I have been incredibly happy with my choice.”

Oct 2020 from AB

“I love my KayaArms! I’m 70 and they were easy for my son to install on my dock. They have enabled me to easily and safely get in and out of my kayak, particularly when I’m alone. I have no more worries about it at all! Good luck with your business. You have my full support!”

Oct 2020 from xx

“Thank you for the opportunity to rate Kayaarm! What a wonderful device. At 77, ingress and egress took the fun of kayaking away. It is wonderful!! Thank you!”

Oct 2020 from MI

“We are very happy with the unit; it makes using the kayak much easier. Thank you!”

Oct 2020 from NY

“Both my wife and I are so very pleased with the KayaArm. For the past 2 or 3 years, we have had problems getting in and out of our kayaks given our ages (72 & 76), but that has changed. I have used my kayak more this past summer than last. People on our road have asked about how it works, several have come over and used it and may order one. Again thank you for the quick service and for inventing a needed product.”

Oct 2020 from IN

“I love the kayak arm! I can get in and out safely with 3’ water depth. The arm provides stability as advertised.”

Oct 2020 from OR

“I am so happy with my KayaArms! They work so well as a stabilizing arm to get in and out of my kayak, as well as a storage rack. My husband followed your advice and made a handle with a hook on the end to help me move the chain along the mast. It made a world of difference. I have shown it to a number of my neighbors here in Oregon and shown them how easy it is to use. And we love not having the kayak taking up room on the dock. Great product!! So glad I found you last winter when I was researching options.”

Oct 2020 from OR

“Thank you so much for helping me to continue to do something I love so much! I am disabled and 70 years old, and while I still can, I intend to spend my days on the water as much as possible as it is so peaceful. Your product and the service you provide has allowed me to do just that! Thank You!!”

Oct 2020 from CA

“Just put a review in, I ❤️ the KayaArm. It has been a lifesaver during the Pandemic to be able to get back out on the lake and get some great exercise!”

Aug 2020 from MB

“My wife is very impressed with it. We can’t believe how easy it is to launch from and get back on the dock from the stable KayaArm. She is comfortable getting in and out without any help. 2 thumbs up from both of us!”

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July 2020 from BC

“The KayaArm is definitely making a difference. The increased stability helps us to overcome our decreased flexibility. It helps us to get out on the water more often. Thanks for your innovation. Great product, a cinch to install and operate.”

July 2020 from ON

“Unit installed and is a perfect fit on the floating dock. It will be much easier for my wife and me to enter and exit our 16’ Delta kayaks. The shoreline where I reside is too steep and very muddy and was always a mess getting in and out and a bit too difficult hanging on to the side of the dock to enter and exit the kayak. The body is not as agile as it was in my younger days. The KayaArm appears well-made and is a great design. I was going to try to fabricate something similar and started researching ideas on the internet to get an idea of what I wanted to construct and then came across your website. Your design far surpasses in design and beauty compared to what I could have done, so I decided to forget the idea of fabricating something and purchase yours instead. Thank you and good luck!”

July 2020 from SC

“I already have one arm that I use and decided to get another to store my kayak. One of my neighbors recently bought two arms at my suggestion and seeing her kayak stores prompted my second purchase. I love it, it works exactly as described and makes it safe to get in and out of my kayak from my floating dock! Thanks!”

July 2020 from WI

“I just installed the KayaArm. It was a fairly easy affair. So far, it has been great. My wife enjoys the ease of use.”

June 2020 from ON

“It was a breeze to assemble and a breeze to install on the dock. We are so impressed with this product. Makes getting in and out of the kayaks a breeze. Just wanted to let you know we would definitely recommend this product. Thank you just doesn’t seem sufficient. Absolutely love it.”

June 2020 from TN

“I have arthritis, and this product gives me the ability to get in and out of my kayak independently. I cannot emphasize enough what that has meant to me over the years. I am an avid kayaker, and the KayaArm has been a big factor in my enjoyment of the sport. Thank you for this beautifully engineered product!”

June 2020 from KY

“I had it installed yesterday and used it for the first time this afternoon. It is GREAT! Before, I was unable to paddle to shore due to rocks and grass. This completely solved my problem. Thank you!”

June 2020 from MA

“I want to let you know how pleased we are with the KayaArm. I have never been able to get out of my kayak onto our dock before. Always had to get into shallow water and semi-fall in. We have been bragging about it to all our neighbors on the lake.”

June 2020 from MD

“We had the opportunity to test the arm extensively over the past week when we hosted my wife’s family for the long holiday weekend and could not have been more pleased. Everyone from my 78-year-old mother-in-law to my 16-year-old niece was able to enter and exit our kayaks (and paddleboards) at both high and low tides with ease. Based on our experience thus far, the arm appears to be the perfect solution for our needs and budget. Thank you so much for your responsiveness and help guiding me through the installation process, which was a stress-free experience.”

June 2020 from NC

“I just wanted to let you know that it was received and very easy to install. Works great. The videos were a lifesaver. On a personal note, I really appreciate the personal interaction and exemplary customer service. You do not see that these days. I wish there were more ‘mom and pop’ type businesses. I am very glad that I stumbled across you guys online. You make me feel like there is still hope in the world, one good family at a time. Thanks again.”

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June 2020 from IN

“We heard about the KayaArm from our neighbors, who purchased one earlier this year. They LOVE LOVE LOVE it, and they let me try it…I was looking for a solution that would get me on the water more often (we have a dock at the base of our property) and wouldn’t get me drenched getting in or out. It really does seem to be ideal. At first, it seems a bit expensive for what it is, but it really is solid…and worth the money. I can see myself using this several times a week.”

June 2020 from ON

“We are 100% satisfied. My wife has been searching for the last year for a device that would make it easier for her to get into and out of her kayak. This is definitely the answer. I attached two golf balls to the side of the dock. We have a small length of rope attached to the seat of the kayak which is looped over the ball before entering or leaving the kayak. This gives added stability. The two balls are also very useful for pulling up onto the arm and for pushing off.”

August 2019 from PA

“I have been very happy with the arm and the Hobie. The only thing to watch is the front mirage drive – don’t put it in until the kayak is off the arm. I am using it in saltwater and it is holding up well.”

August 2019 from MI

“The KayaArm arrived on time, and I attached it easily to our lightweight dock, adding some cross-platform strengthening. It meets my needs perfectly, which may be of help to you in your marketing. I am 84 years old, weigh 146lbs, and am 5ft8in tall. I am a semiretired university professor who has boated, canoed, and kayaked all my life and fished in Michigan small streams in waders. My problem is the loss of strength and balance with aging. All I need is some additional stability getting in and out of a kayak. Your device meets my need. I would advertise this for any aging elders who have a life experience on small lakes and streams and want to continue enjoying this exercise and enjoyment with a little assistance. Thank you for providing this improved kayak access to us elders.”

July 2017

“Today we installed the arm. I’m just back from an evening paddle with my grandson. Awesome! Thanks, M”

July 2017

“Hello Ralph, It’s installed and I love it.”

July 2017

“Installed my new KayaArm last week on our dock on Little Long Lake near Ely, MN. Just got time to try it for the first time today. I watched the video before ordering it, but it takes assembling, installing, and actually using it to really know. The design and build is elegantly simple and solid as a rock. And that’s how my home-built kayak felt under me when I stepped into it and sat down. Exit was also safe and easy. I’m not a young man (76), but this device has made getting into and out of my kayak something I don’t even have to think about anymore. I can’t describe how happy I am to have found this simple, ingenious tool. Thank you!”


The KayaArm has revolutionized the way people can get in and out of their kayaks. With its easy installation and exceptional stability, kayaking has become more accessible and enjoyable for all ages and abilities. Don’t miss out on this innovative solution to your kayak launching needs. Check out the KayaArm today at UpStreamPaddle and experience the joy of effortless kayaking!