Kayaking Lake Superior: Explore the Best Spots!

Are you searching for the ultimate kayaking experience on Lake Superior? Look no further! Lake Superior is renowned as one of the world’s most incredible kayaking destinations. From the majestic Pictured Rocks to the remote Isle Royale, there are countless spots to discover and explore. Join us on a journey to uncover the best kayaking spots on Lake Superior!

Safety First: Kayaking on Lake Superior

Before embarking on your kayaking adventure, it’s vital to prioritize safety. Lake Superior’s unpredictable nature demands proper preparation and gear. The lake’s frigid temperatures can induce hypothermia year-round, while its powerful 30-foot waves pose a challenge even for experienced kayakers. Sadly, fatalities occur in Lake Superior every year. Educate yourself on essential sea kayaking safety measures before setting out! UpStreamPaddle offers valuable resources to ensure your safety on the water.

Yellow Kayak at the Apostle Islands Sea Caves

The Distinction: Kayaking vs. Sea Kayaking

While both kayaking and sea kayaking involve paddling, they vary significantly. Sea kayaking necessitates specialized equipment, including a sea kayak, bilge pump, paddle float, spray skirt, and marine radio. Think of the distinction between kayaking and sea kayaking as that between hiking and mountaineering. Mountaineering involves unique risks and requires additional skills, gear, and training. Similarly, sea kayaking demands expertise beyond regular kayaking. For those uncertain of their abilities, opting for a guided tour is always a wise choice.

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A Yellow Sea kayak near Oak Island in the Apostle Islands near Bayfield Wisconsin

1) Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of the Pictured Rocks Cliffs, a true #puremichigan gem. For an unforgettable experience, book a sea kayaking tour with Pictured Rocks Kayaking. Launching directly from their safety boat with a qualified guide, you can explore the incredible wonders of the Pictured Rocks. It’s important to note that this area also witnesses the highest number of rescues and emergencies on Lake Superior. Even experienced paddlers have required assistance here. However, by taking appropriate safety measures and choosing a guided tour, you can still enjoy the splendors of the Pictured Rocks.

A Yellow kayak on Lake Superior under the Pictured Rocks Cliffs

2) The Mainland Apostle Islands Sea Caves

For those seeking the ultimate Lake Superior sea cave experience, look no further than the Mainland Apostle Islands Sea Caves. This stunning location offers deep caves with captivating waterfalls, red rock arches, and beautiful wildflowers adorning the rock walls. To ensure a safe and fulfilling adventure, we suggest booking a tour with Lost Creek Adventures.

Cathedral Arch in the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore

3) The Apostle Islands

While the Mainland Sea Caves steal the spotlight, did you know that the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore comprises 21 unique islands? Each island possesses its own distinct story, featuring lighthouses, diverse wildlife, and even more sea caves waiting to be explored. Embark on an overnight kayaking tour with Lost Creek Adventures to fully immerse yourself in the wonders of the Apostle Islands.

Kayaking Sand Island Sea Caves in the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore

4) Tettegouche State Park

Tettegouche State Park is a hidden gem among Lake Superior’s kayaking spots. With its towering black rock cliffs, enchanting sea caves, and crystal-clear water, Tettegouche offers a truly magical paddling experience. For a comprehensive guide and an unforgettable trip, reach out to Day Tripper of Duluth to organize a guided tour. Keep in mind that the water temperatures here are exceptionally cold, so donning a wetsuit is mandatory. Additionally, beginners should exercise caution due to potential wave rebound off the cliffs.

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Kayaking a Sea Arch over clear blue water at Tettegouche State Park

5) Isle Royale National Park

For a truly unforgettable sea kayaking journey, Isle Royale National Park is an absolute must-visit. This isolated paradise, accessible only by boat or float plane, is home to a stunning array of wildlife, including moose and wolves. Prepare yourself for an awe-inspiring experience. Guided multi-day trips can be arranged through Stone Harbor Wilderness Supply or Keweenaw Adventure Company, catering to advanced paddlers. Be aware of potential hazards, including fog, water temperature, waves, and unpredictable weather.

McCargoe Cove on Isle Royale National Park

Discover Lake Superior’s Majesty

Lake Superior promises a kayaking experience like no other. Whether you choose to explore the Pictured Rocks, the Apostle Islands, Tettegouche State Park, or Isle Royale, each destination offers unique wonders waiting to be discovered. Remember to prioritize your safety, equip yourself accordingly, and consider guided tours for an unforgettable adventure on Lake Superior. Pin this article for future reference, and get ready to embark on an extraordinary kayaking journey!

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