The Ultimate Guide to Dock Kayak Holders

Are you an avid kayaker looking for a convenient and secure way to store your kayak? Look no further! In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the world of dock kayak holders. Whether you have questions about adjustments, mounting, locking systems, or types of watercraft, we have got you covered. Let’s dive right in!

Key Takeaways


How deep can a kayak rack go into the water?

The Docksider dock rack offers four mounting positions with a pin and slot design. These positions range from 5 inches to 17 inches below the dock decking clevis pin, providing flexibility to accommodate various watercraft sizes and water levels. Keep in mind that the dimensions mentioned relate to the distance below the dock decking, not the water level your kayak is floating in.

Can the rack be mounted close to the waterline?

If you are planning to board your kayak from your dock, it is important to note that our Dockside Dock Lift and Storage Rack requires a minimum freeboard of 10 inches from the dock decking to the water level. However, if you build an extension or use spacers under the mounts, you can achieve your desired height for boarding while meeting the minimum freeboard requirement.

How low can the unit lower the kayak?

The Waterside and Dockside models have a maximum dock decking to water distance (freeboard) of 36 inches. If your water level drops significantly, you can easily readjust the rack to a lower position using the pin and slot design of the mounting. Remember, it is always best to follow the specific guidelines for your watercraft and dock.

Can the upright arms be adjusted for a narrow slip?

The suitability of the rack for a narrow slip depends on the dimensions of your kayak. To provide a more accurate answer, we would need to know the make and model, including its length, beam, height, and weight. Our Dockside Model is ideal for boarding your kayak from the dock, and we can accommodate special orders for customized arm lengths.

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Is the rack suitable for a dock 5 feet above the water?

Unfortunately, the Waterside and Dockside models have a maximum dock decking to water distance of 36 inches. However, many customers facing similar situations have built platforms on the side of their docks and effectively mounted a Waterside Model Lift and Dock Storage Rack. You can easily readjust the rack to accommodate the changing water levels throughout the season.

Dock Related Questions:

Which mount is suitable for my lake dock?

Both the bolt-on and clamp-on mounts can work well with your Endres manufacturing wooden dock. The choice depends on your specific needs. If you prefer the flexibility to move the unit to different locations on your dock, the clamp-on mount is recommended. However, if you desire a fixed position, the bolt-on mount is a solid choice.

How do I determine if I have a Truss Dock?

A Truss Dock typically features an aluminum or steel frame with two parallel metal beams or tubes running along the sides, about 9 to 10 inches apart. Diagonal metal tubes create a pattern resembling X’s or W’s between the top and bottom beams. You can refer to our Dock Configuration Guide for visuals.

Can the rack be secured to a floating Metalcraft dock?

For a floating Metalcraft dock with aluminum decking and support beams along the edge, the bolt-on mount is the recommended option. The design of the floating dock does not usually allow the under-dock support of the clamp-on mount to fit between the floats. Additional supports may be required to ensure stability and account for the thinness of the metal decking.

Will the rack work with a poly floating dock?

The compatibility of the rack with a poly dock depends on the specific mounting systems provided by the manufacturer. To determine the best solution for your poly dock, please contact us via email at [email protected] or call us at 585-734-7374. We will be happy to assist you further.

Locking Systems:

Does the dock rack have a built-in lock?

The DockSider Kayak | SUP Lift & Dock Storage Rack does not have a built-in lock, but there are several locking products available on the market. At DockCraft, we are in the process of adding locking products to our website. For personalized recommendations, please give us a call at 585-734-7374 or email us at [email protected].

DockSider Models:

What is the difference between the dockside and waterside storage mount versions?

The Dockside Model is designed for users who board their kayaks or paddle boards directly from the dock, while the Waterside Model is suitable for those who prefer to board while standing in the water. The Dockside Model offers a Tether Strap for rotating your watercraft into the storage position while on the dock, while the Waterside Model provides the greatest leverage assist ratio. Both models offer stability and security for your watercraft.

Do you have a rack that can accommodate both a kayak and a SUP?

Yes, the DockSider Lift and Dock Storage Rack will work perfectly for both kayaks and SUPs. It holds one kayak securely and can also accommodate two SUPs stacked on top of each other upside down.

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Can the rack be used for canoes?

Yes, we have a specific product designed for canoes. You can find more information about our canoe dock lift and storage rack on our website.

Can one product secure both a kayak and a paddleboard?

Currently, we do not offer a single product specifically designed to secure both a kayak and a paddleboard. Our DockSider Dock Storage Rack is designed to hold either a kayak or a paddleboard. However, some customers have found creative ways to store both by utilizing the dock surface or leaning one against the rack and securing it with bungee cords.

Can the dockside design still allow water entry?

While the Dockside unit is primarily designed for loading, launching, and storing your watercraft from the dock, it is still possible to float your watercraft to a shallow location for boarding. However, for safety reasons, we do not recommend loading, launching, or storing your watercraft in the Dockside unit while you are in the water, as the unit may rotate back into the water if not properly secured.

Dock Mounts:

Which mount is stronger, bolt-on, or clamp-on?

Both the bolt-on and clamp-on mounts are more than adequate for securing the rack to your dock. The bolt-on mount offers slightly more security and stability, but the clamp-on mount is also highly effective. The choice depends on your personal preference and specific requirements.

Do I need to access the underside of the dock to bolt the rack on?

For the bolt-on mount, you have two options. The rack comes with Snaptogglers that allow you to mount it without accessing the underside of your dock. However, if there are structural members that hinder the use of Snaptogglers, you can purchase lag bolts from a hardware store and use them instead. The clamp mount, on the other hand, requires access to the underside of your dock.

Can the rack be mounted to a concrete seawall?

Mounting the rack to a concrete seawall is possible using the bolt-on mount and concrete anchors. The top of the concrete wall should be relatively level, without a significant slope. Our website provides resources, including a Bolt-on Mount Dock Configuration Guide, that can assist you further.

How far apart are the vertical upright pieces of the rack?

The mounting positions for the Dockside unit are 32 inches apart, while the Waterside unit’s positions are 26.5 inches apart. These dimensions are carefully selected to ensure stability and proper weight distribution for your watercraft.

Saltwater & Tides:

Will the dock rack work in a tidal area?

While the rack can be adjusted to accommodate different water heights, continually adjusting it throughout the day to accommodate tide height might be unrealistic. The unit is primarily designed for floating docks in saltwater harbors with approximately 15 inches of freeboard. If you live in a tidal area, please contact us via email at [email protected] or call us at 585-734-7374 for further assistance.

Is the dock rack suitable for saltwater?

Both the aluminum and stainless-steel versions of our rack can work in saltwater environments. However, stainless steel is recommended for brine or saltwater applications as it offers better resistance to corrosion. Keep in mind that aluminum racks require more frequent rinsing with freshwater to prevent corrosion build-up.

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Will the rack work in a tidal river?

Similar to tidal areas, the rack can be adjusted to different water heights in tidal rivers. However, it may not be practical to continually adjust the rack throughout the day. For a tidal river environment, we recommend contacting us via email at [email protected] or calling us at 585-734-7374 for personalized advice based on your specific location and dock setup.


Can the rack accommodate a kayak with an electric motor?

Our rack can accommodate various kayak models, including those with electric motors. However, it is essential to consider the dimensions and weight of your specific kayak. Removing the motor and pedal drive prior to loading your kayak into the DockSider Lift and Dock Storage Rack can improve weight distribution and balance.

Will the rack work for a Hobie Mirage Oasis?

Yes, our rack is compatible with the Hobie Mirage Oasis. We recommend removing the Mirage drive before loading the kayak to prevent the rowing fins from engaging in the lifting straps. Our rack offers durability, ease of use, and convenient storage for your Hobie Mirage Oasis.

What about heavier kayaks, such as the Hobie PA 12?

The DockSider Lift and Dock Storage Rack can handle heavier kayaks like the Hobie PA 12. The rack can support up to 100 lbs, and the PA 12, even at its fully rigged weight of 129 lbs, falls within this range. It is important to remove any additional detachable features to ensure optimal weight distribution and balance.

Can the dock rack accommodate a 9 ft dinghy with a 3 horse power motor?

Determining whether our rack is suitable for your 9 ft dinghy with a 3-horsepower motor depends on various factors, including the width, height, and gunnel height of your dinghy. We recommend removing the motor beforehand and evaluating the specific dimensions of your dinghy to determine a safe and secure storage solution. Feel free to contact us at 585-734-7374 or via email at [email protected] for further assistance.

Can a 35″ wide kayak be accommodated on a rack designed for 34″?

Yes, our rack can potentially accommodate a 35-inch-wide kayak. Although the rack is specifically designed for 34-inch-wide kayaks, the actual geometries of how the kayak sits in the rack, including the angled position, allow for slight variations in width.

Can the rack hold a double-place kayak?

Yes, our DockSider Lift and Dock Storage Rack can hold tandem kayaks, also known as double-place kayaks. Many customers have successfully stored their tandem kayaks using our rack. Please ensure that your tandem kayak meets our specifications for length, weight, and width.

Can the rack accommodate a 14.5 ft kayak?

Yes, our rack is designed to accommodate kayaks up to 18 feet in length. A 14.5 ft kayak falls well within this range. It is always a good idea to consider stability in windy conditions and use additional support, such as bungee cords, for extra peace of mind.

We hope this guide has provided valuable insights into the world of dock kayak holders. If you have any further questions or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 585-734-7374 or via email at [email protected]. Happy kayaking!

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