The Biyak Catamaran: Redefining Kayaking

Paddle, pedal, sail, pole, sit, stand...everything else. Photo: Courtesy Biyak Boats

Imagine a kayak that combines the best features of various watercraft, allowing you to paddle, pedal, sail, pole, and even stand. Meet the Biyak Catamaran, a revolutionary design that pushes the boundaries of traditional kayaking. Created by the talented designer Aaron Baldwin, the Biyak seamlessly merges versatility, functionality, and innovation.

From Simple Ambition to Extraordinary Creation

The Biyak’s journey began years ago when Aaron sought a pedal drive system for his kayak but couldn’t afford the existing options. Determined to find a solution, he set out to build his own. Inspired by the way ducks swim, Aaron devised a unique concept: “folding paddles.” These paddles fold shut on the forward stroke and open on the propulsive stroke, mimicking the movement of a duck’s webbed feet. Transforming his vision into reality, however, proved to be more challenging than anticipated.

Undeterred by setbacks, Aaron tirelessly searched for the perfect materials and hinge system to bring his folding paddle design to life. Countless prototypes filled his shop’s “bucket of failure,” but through persistence and ingenuity, he eventually achieved success. In 2013, his exceptional design was awarded a patent, solidifying his place in kayak innovation.

Biyak body 2

The Birth of the Biyak Catamaran

With the folding paddle mechanism perfected, Aaron needed a platform to mount the pedals. Initially, he created a rudimentary structure using plywood, resulting in a blocky-looking punt that served its purpose but lacked an elegant form. It was another designer’s suggestion that led Aaron to the realization that his pedal drive would excel on a catamaran-style kayak, combining stability and agility seamlessly.

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Driven by this revelation, Aaron embarked on the arduous task of building wooden prototypes and eventually a fiberglass version. Through continual adjustments and refinements, he meticulously honed the Biyak’s design until he was confident enough to create an ABS prototype using thermoforming techniques. The result exceeded his expectations, delivering a fishing platform that was both narrow enough for efficient paddling and wide enough to provide unmatched stability. The Biyak’s modular design allows it to be conveniently broken down into three components, making car-topping a breeze.

Biyak body 1

The Unveiling of a Game-Changer

Although fishing was Aaron’s primary motivation, the Biyak’s versatility extends far beyond angling. It accommodates various preferences, whether rowing, sailing, or simply cruising. The Biyak is ready for production, marking a significant milestone in Aaron’s journey. However, he recognizes that the boat’s potential is still untapped, with numerous accessories yet to be designed.

With its adjustable beam and catamaran-inspired design, the Biyak introduces a new era in kayaking. Crafted from thermoformed ABS plastic, the Biyak is lightweight and easily transportable. It embodies the perfect balance between performance and convenience, allowing kayakers to explore diverse water environments with ease.

Biyak body 3

Discover the Biyak Experience

Are you ready to revolutionize your kayaking experience? Explore the endless possibilities offered by the Biyak Catamaran. To learn more about this groundbreaking innovation, visit UpStreamPaddle. The Biyak awaits your adventurous spirit, ready to take you on unforgettable journeys on the water.

Note: All images courtesy of Biyak Boats.