Discover the Power of the Kayak API


Are you looking for a game-changing solution to enhance your travel business? Look no further than the Kayak API. With its cutting-edge technology, this global pricing aggregator and travel metasearch engine revolutionizes the way travelers search for flights, hotels, rental cars, and vacation packages.

Unleashing the Potential

Kayak API empowers users to query live flights, hotels, and cars globally. Its advanced search algorithm scours hundreds of websites simultaneously, providing you with the information you need to make informed travel decisions. Whether it’s finding the best airfare or scouting for the perfect hotel, Kayak API has got you covered.

Seamless Integration

Developers can seamlessly integrate searches and results into their applications and websites. The comprehensive documentation and tools provided ensure a smooth integration process for both web and mobile applications. Best of all, Kayak API is completely free to use, making it an attractive option for developers and businesses alike.

Expanding Possibilities

Kayak API handles over 2 billion flight queries annually and offers results from hundreds of airlines and third-party sites, delivering a wide range of travel options and competitive pricing. With Kayak, you can gain access to discounted flights, hotels, car rentals, tours, and experiences, all in one place.

Kayak API: Unveiling the Offerings

Kayak provides a range of APIs that allow developers to access its extensive data and incorporate it into their own applications. These APIs include the Flight Search API, Hotel Search API, and Car Search API. By registering for an API key and following the documentation and requirements, developers can make the most of Kayak’s data and services.

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Monetize Your Traffic with Kayak

Kayak offers an exciting opportunity to monetize your website’s traffic through its Affiliate Program. As a member of this program, you can deliver the best travel options to consumers worldwide, enhancing your revenue while providing them with unbeatable deals on hotel rooms and holiday packages. The Kayak Affiliate Program connects you to affiliate programs from leading brands such as HotelsCombined, Momondo, Cheapflights, and KAYAK itself!

The Kayak Affiliate Advantage

Joining the Kayak Affiliate Program comes with a multitude of benefits:

  • Earn attractive commissions of up to 50% on bookings, clicks, and ad revenue for flights, hotels, cars, and packages.
  • Customize your website effortlessly with deep links, widgets, search boxes, white labeling, and the versatile API.
  • Enjoy dedicated affiliate support, including technical setup and scaling assistance.
  • Track your revenue and performance with your own affiliate site.

The Power of Kayak in Travel

Kayak has transformed the travel industry by assisting millions of travelers worldwide in making informed decisions. As one of the leading travel search engines, Kayak scours the web to provide users with comprehensive information on flights, hotels, rental cars, and holiday packages. Its powerful tools and services, including tours, exploration, and price prediction, make it a go-to platform for travelers.

Flight Search Engines: The Key to Unlocking Deals


Looking for the best flight deals? Flight search engines are your ultimate solution. These engines enable you to compare travel prices from different airlines, helping you find the most affordable flights. With accurate departure and arrival times, as well as specific routes, you’ll have all the information you need at your fingertips.

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Elevate Your Travel Business with FlightsLogic


FlightsLogic offers a comprehensive platform for your travel business needs. By integrating with major Global Distribution Systems (GDS), airline consolidators, and single-source API providers, FlightsLogic provides a seamless booking and ticketing experience. Whether you’re a travel agency, online travel agency, tour operator, or management company, FlightsLogic has got you covered.

Utilize the power of FlightsLogic’s flight aggregators, which provide real-time access to essential flight data, including departure and arrival times, prices, and availability. With the Flight booking API, developers can create user-friendly flight booking systems and itinerary planners. Additionally, FlightsLogic’s travel APIs enable developers to source travel data from aggregator websites and input it into their booking engines, allowing users to complete their booking process seamlessly.

Unleash the Full Potential

FlightsLogic assists businesses in maximizing their travel inventory by offering a consistent travel booking API connection and extensive flight content aggregated from multiple sources. Whether you’re looking to develop a travel portal, airline reservation system, extranet, or bespoke application, FlightsLogic has the expertise to fulfill your needs. Expect a smooth and fast integration process, backed by a team dedicated to making your experience seamless.

Additionally, FlightsLogic offers a web-based flight booking engine that provides real-time availability and fares from multiple sources. The booking engine streamlines the booking process, allowing travel firms to offer a wide range of services, from hotels and tours to transfers and car rentals. Expand your reach by distributing your content to third-party travel companies through FlightsLogic’s unique XML Out platform.


Join the Kayak API revolution and unlock the potential of cutting-edge travel technology. With its powerful search capabilities and comprehensive offerings, Kayak API is your gateway to a world of travel possibilities. Monetize your website’s traffic through the Kayak Affiliate Program and witness your revenue soar. Enhance your travel business with FlightsLogic’s seamless integration and comprehensive travel solutions. Embrace the power of flight search engines and uncover the best deals for your next journey. The future of travel is at your fingertips!

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