The Thrilling World of Inflatable Kayak Motors

Whether you’re seeking a leisurely kayak experience or the ability to cover more ground while fishing, having an inflatable kayak motor opens a world of possibilities. While not many manufacturers offer inflatable kayak motor mounts, there are options available for installation. In this article, we’ll explore the different choices that exist, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your needs.

Exploring Your Options for Inflatable Kayak Motors

When it comes to picking a motor kit for your kayak, you have several options to consider. From kits designed and tested by the boat’s manufacturer to aftermarket motor alternatives, there’s something for everyone. In terms of safety, we’ll focus on the manufacturer options and the popular Bixpy Outboard. Now, let’s dive into the available choices and see which one aligns best with your preferences.

Inflatable Kayaks with Trolling Motors

Picture this: cruising effortlessly through the water, covering vast distances with ease. An electric motor on a kayak can make this dream a reality and add an extra layer of fun to your adventures. The Sea Eagle FastTrack and Explorer kayaks are two popular kayak series that offer trolling motor mounts. You’ll find that the motor mount is a lightweight and corrosion-resistant aluminum board with stainless steel components, easily attaching to the rear of these kayaks. With a maximum capacity of a 34 lb thrust trolling motor (weighing 15 lbs), you can power through the water effortlessly. Check out the video below for a closer look at the installation process on a 385ft FastTrack kayak.

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Electric Motors for Sea Eagle FastTrack and Explorer Kayaks

Once you have the motor mount securely installed on your kayak, it’s time to choose the electric motor that best suits your needs. Here are three top recommendations:

  1. Watersnake Venom 34 for Fresh and Saltwater
  2. Watersnake Asp T24 for Fresh and Saltwater
  3. Minn Kota Endura 30 for Freshwater

Each of these motors is designed to work seamlessly with your Sea Eagle kayak, providing reliability and performance on the water.

Sea Eagle FastTrack Inflatable Kayak with Motor

The Sea Eagle FastTrack series of inflatable kayaks is known for its speed, stability, and durability. It offers a faster, smoother paddling experience, excelling in various water conditions such as lakes, bays, marshes, and calm rivers. This kayak is also suitable for fishing and camping trips. However, if you’re interested in tackling rapids up to Class II, you may want to consider the Sea Eagle Explorer kayak, which comes equipped with a motor mount.

Sea Eagle Explorer Inflatable Kayak with Motor

The Sea Eagle Explorer series is a versatile lineup of inflatable kayaks suitable for flatwater touring, whitewater adventures, ocean surfing, fishing, camping, and much more. These kayaks offer exceptional stability and ruggedness, making them ideal for various water activities. If you primarily plan to use your kayak on flatwater, the FastTrack kayak motor packages might be a better fit. However, if you anticipate whitewater adventures over Class II rapids, the Explorer series is your best bet.

Bixpy Electric Outboard Motor Kits for all Inflatable Kayaks

Bixpy has revolutionized the boating industry with its lightweight, high-performance outboard marine motor designed to be paired with a wide range of small watercraft. Whether it’s an inflatable kayak, hard-shell kayak, inflatable canoe, or SUP, Bixpy has got you covered. Their compact, waterproof motor provides 33 lbs of thrust and can run for up to 80 minutes at full speed. For extended time on the water, Bixpy offers power banks and solar panels. With its wrist-worn wireless remote control, featuring 12 forward speeds and 3 reverse speeds, operating the Bixpy motor is a breeze.

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The Versatility of Inflatable Kayaks with Motors

In addition to Sea Eagle, other manufacturers like BOTE have also incorporated the Bixpy electric motor into their inflatable kayaks. BOTE’s APEX-Compatible kayaks and SUPs can be easily upgraded with the Bixpy Power Motor. For kayaks from Aquaglide, Advanced Elements, Intex, NRS, STAR, and others that are not APEX-Compatible, Bixpy offers various adapters to ensure a seamless fit.

Boost Surfing Electric Fins for Inflatable Kayaks

If you’re seeking a motorized solution specifically designed for surfing, inflatable kayaks, and SUPs, the Boost Fin is an excellent choice. Designed to be installed on the fin box, the Boost Fin provides an incredible boost to your paddling experience. With the option of the standard Boost Fin or the long-range version, you can tailor your choice based on your needs and preferences.

Sea Eagle Paddleski with Motor Mount Options

For those looking for a hybrid inflatable boat that combines the best features of a kayak, a catamaran, and a motorboat, the Sea Eagle Paddleski is the ultimate choice. With its catamaran hull design and transom that accepts up to a 6 hp gas motor or a 70 lb thrust trolling motor, the Paddleski offers remarkable stability, speed, and versatility. Whether you’re exploring oceans, bays, lakes, marshes, or flatwater rivers, the Paddleski has got you covered. You can even enjoy fishing, camping, and paddling adventures with ease.

Conclusion: Unleash the Potential of Inflatable Kayaks with Motors

An inflatable kayak with a motor opens up a world of possibilities for both leisure and exploration. Whether you’re looking to relax on the water, cover more ground effortlessly, or navigate challenging terrains, there’s a perfect option for you. By choosing from trusted manufacturers like Sea Eagle and Bixpy, you can ensure a safe and enjoyable experience on the water. So, gear up, embrace the power of technology, and embark on thrilling adventures with an inflatable kayak and a motor!

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