A Comprehensive Guide to Safely Securing Your Kayak to a Roof Rack

How to Carry a Kayak on Roof Racks

Transporting your kayak to the water can be a daunting task if you don’t have the right equipment. Strapping your kayak to the roof of your car is the best option, but it raises questions like how to transport a kayak on a roof and how to put it on your car. In this guide, we will explore the essential information about kayak carriers and answer all your questions.

Choose the Perfect Kayak Roof Rack for Your Vehicle

When it comes to choosing a kayak roof rack, there are several options available, but it’s important to consider your vehicle type. The roof of your car may limit your choices, so understanding the different types of roof racks is essential. Whether you have factory crossbars, no visible anchor points, rails, gutters, fixed points, or tracks, there is a roof rack suitable for your kayak. It’s crucial to select the right roof rack to ensure the safety of both your vehicle and your kayak.

Exploring Various Types of Kayak Roof Racks

If you’re carrying only one kayak and need space for other items, a J-style kayak carrier is a great choice. It allows you to load your kayak on its side, saving space for additional items like surfboards. If your kayaks can be stacked due to their hull shape, soft or inflatable roof racks might be sufficient.

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The specific hull shapes of your kayaks will determine which set of roof racks is best suited for your needs. Stackable kayaks can be placed on most roof racks, while others may require additional support provided by kayak cradles or holders.

Hard Racks

Hard racks, also known as mounted crossbars, are suitable for cars with side rails, gutters, tracks, or fixed points. Although they are not a universal fit, you can find a set that suits your specific vehicle. Manufacturers like Rhino Rack provide a list of compatible roof racks for different vehicles.

Soft Racks

Soft racks are a versatile option that can be used on any vehicle, including 4WDs, with raised rails, fixed points, tracks, or no anchor points. Despite their simplicity, they provide excellent functionality. These lightweight racks are easy to install and offer great protection for your vehicle and kayak during transportation.

Flexible Pads

While not a complete roof rack system, flexible pads are vital accessories for kayak transport. They provide an extra layer of protection for both your kayak and your existing roof rack. By adding flexible pads to your factory crossbars or hard racks, you can safeguard your equipment from potential damage.

Get Assistance from a Loading Kayak Carrier

With the latest kayak carrying technology, you can simplify the process of loading and unloading your kayak onto roof racks. Loading systems, such as the Yakima Showdown kayak side loader, provide support and are particularly helpful when you are kayaking alone or need help with heavy lifting.

Securing your kayak to the roof rack is essential for safe transportation. Bow and stern tie-downs provide additional stability, especially during longer trips. Regularly check that all your straps remain tight to prevent any accidents.

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Drive Safely with Your Kayak on Roof Racks

Ensuring the safety of your kayak during transportation is paramount. It is crucial to properly secure it to your roof racks to prevent any damage. Make it a habit to stop every hour during longer trips to check if all the straps are still secure.

Frequently Asked Questions about Kayak Roof Racks

Loading Kayaks onto Roof Racks

  • How do you tie down a kayak on a roof rack? The best method is to use straps like tie-down straps or ratchet straps. Elastic straps should be avoided as they are not secure. Be careful not to over-tighten ratchet straps to prevent hull damage.
  • How do you secure a kayak to a roof rack? Start by securing the middle of your kayak with ratchet straps, followed by attaching the bowline to the front of your vehicle and securing the stern line to the rear. High-quality straps like the Yakima bow/stern tie-down are recommended for a secure fit.
  • How do you put a kayak on a roof rack by yourself? While it is possible to lift lightweight kayaks onto roof racks by yourself, using a loading system provides ease and convenience. Consider investing in a kayak loading system like the Yakima Showdown or K-rack kayak loader for assistance.

General Questions about Transporting Kayaks

  • How do I put a kayak on top of my car? Having two people is ideal for lifting a kayak onto a car roof. Lift the kayak to the desired height and then place it into cradles or lay it flat on the crossbars. Use straps in the middle and one each for the bow and stern.
  • Do you put a kayak upside down on a car? If you have hard or soft roof racks, it is advisable to place the kayak top side down. However, if your kayak has a V-shaped hull, it may be better to purchase a kayak or canoe carrier holder and keep it upright.
  • Can you put a kayak on a car without a roof rack? It is not recommended to place a kayak on your car roof without a roof rack, as it can cause damage to both your car and your kayak. Soft roof racks are a convenient and easy-to-install solution for most vehicles.
  • Are roof rack pads necessary? While not essential, roof rack pads provide added protection for your kayak. They help prevent any damage caused by the racks and are worth the investment.
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Where to Buy Kayak Roof Racks

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