Revolutionizing Kayak Fishing: The Power of Gas Motors

W720 Kayak Skiff

Kayak fishing has come a long way since its humble beginnings. With advancements in technology, the introduction of high-performance motor kayaks has revolutionized the sport. These kayaks combine seaworthiness with the power of gas motors, providing anglers with unparalleled speed and range.

Unleashing Power on the Water

A high-performance motor kayak is equipped with an outboard gas motor, making it a force to be reckoned with. Unlike traditional kayaks, these motorized wonders offer superior stability, ergonomic design, and the ability to navigate even the most challenging waters.

When it comes to high-performance motor kayaks, Wavewalk’s W720 and S4 models take center stage. The W720 is a solo and tandem catamaran kayak skiff that perfectly balances power and agility. Meanwhile, the patented S4 is a true catamaran microskiff that offers exceptional stability and versatility.

Unmatched Versatility

The Wavewalk S4 is the epitome of versatility. With its unique design, it can be paddled as a kayak or a canoe, accommodating both solo and tandem expeditions. Its lightweight build and functional features make it ideal for both inshore and offshore fishing. Whether you prefer paddling, motoring, or fishing, the S4 is designed to meet all your needs.

Thrilling Performance in Compact Design

Weighing in at just 100 lbs, the S4 stands out from the competition. Its compact size and optimized performance make it unbeatable in terms of stability, comfort, storage, and mobility. The S4 is a game-changer for anglers who crave excitement and functionality on the water.

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Embracing the Power of Gas Motors

Gas motors offer several advantages over their electric counterparts. They provide a significant speed boost and extended range, ensuring a safe and enjoyable kayak fishing experience. A gas motor adds an element of safety, allowing you to navigate adverse conditions and explore new territories. Additionally, a motor eliminates the need for exhausting paddling, making fishing and touring effortless.

Making the Right Choice: Gas or Electric?

While electric trolling motors have their merits, they pale in comparison to the power and efficiency of gas motors. The unlimited mileage and high-speed capabilities of gas motors far exceed the limitations of electric systems. However, it’s essential to choose a gas motor that aligns with your kayak’s power rating. Wavewalk recommends motors up to 6 HP for optimal performance and safety.

Safety First

When operating a motorized kayak, safety should be a top priority. Always attach the stop switch (“kill-switch”) to your arm or belt to ensure the motor shuts off if you fall overboard. Following safety guidelines and using the correct motor for your kayak will ensure a rewarding and incident-free adventure.

UpstreamPaddle: Your Gateway to Power and Performance

Ready to take your kayak fishing to new heights? Visit UpstreamPaddle to explore a wide range of high-performance motor kayaks and accessories. Embrace the power of gas motors and unlock a world of thrilling possibilities on the water.


Gas motors have transformed the world of kayak fishing, providing anglers with unrivaled power and performance. Wavewalk’s high-performance motor kayaks, such as the W720 and S4, offer stability, versatility, and sheer excitement. Whether you choose gas or electric, always prioritize safety and select a motor that complements your kayak’s specifications. Your next kayak fishing adventure awaits – embrace the power, embrace the thrill!

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