The Remarkable Tale of a Courageous Kayaker

Davey Wright, a retired Airborne Ranger from Port St. Lucie, Florida, had one simple plan in mind: to enjoy a peaceful fishing trip on his kayak and find solace on the water. Little did he know that his excursion would transform into a harrowing battle for survival. Through a combination of his military training and the assistance of a fellow boater, Wright emerged with an extraordinary story of triumph and a dramatic water rescue to share.

A Serene Start and a Sudden Struggle

On a serene evening of June 27, Wright embarked on his kayak from Fort Pierce, eager to catch some fish. Everything seemed to be going well as he relished in his successful catches. However, as the sun began to set, he made the fateful decision to head back home across a vast stretch of the Intracoastal Waterway.

Unfortunately, about an hour into his journey, disaster struck. The kayak started taking in water, and within minutes, Wright found himself treading water. Fatigued from caring for his father with dementia and seeking solace, he had set out on this kayak trip as a means of escape. Little did he know that this peaceful excursion would lead him into a life-threatening situation.

A Battle Against the Darkness

Determined to make it back home, Wright pushed onward despite his rapidly sinking kayak. With no lights to guide him in the pitch-black night, he relied solely on his instincts and resilience. Thoughts of exhaustion and despair started to cloud his mind as he struggled to stay afloat in the frigid water.

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As moments of doubt consumed him, Wright’s indomitable spirit refused to surrender. He reluctantly began releasing his fishing gear and belongings to stay buoyant. In the midst of the darkness, the only rays of hope came from the distant boat lights. However, with the presence of feeding sharks nearby, the perils of reaching land became a precarious gamble.

A Desperate Call for Help

In his moments of desperation, Wright turned to his faith. Initially, his intention for the trip was to find solace and pray. As he cried out to God, questioning his whereabouts, Wright’s faith became a source of strength, empowering him to persevere in the face of uncertainty.

Without a life vest, Wright resorted to using his jacket as a makeshift flotation device. Delirious and semi-hypothermic, he mustered whatever energy remained within him to scream for aid. In a stroke of fortune, a fellow boater heard his desperate cries and responded.

Thomas Korinek, a boat captain from West Palm Beach, happened to be in the right place at the right time. When he heard Wright’s distress call, he knew he had to act quickly. Guided by his spotlight, Korinek scanned the water until he finally spotted Wright in his brown puffy jacket, his hands raised in desperation.

A Rescue Against All Odds

With unwavering determination, Korinek reached out to Wright, throwing him a lifeline. The raging current and strong winds made the rescue challenging, but their combined efforts ultimately prevailed. It took several perilous minutes to align their positions and bring Wright onto Korinek’s boat.

Grateful to be saved, Wright expressed his immense relief. Korinek, cautious of the unknown circumstances, captured the moment on video as a form of protection. However, what began as a rescue soon blossomed into an unlikely friendship and a shared purpose.

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From Strangers to Friends on a Mission

Having experienced the realities of being stranded before, Korinek and Wright realized the importance of teaching others how to handle similar challenging situations. They decided to join forces and establish a business aimed at educating people about survival strategies when caught in unfavorable circumstances.

As fate would have it, their encounter wasn’t a one-time event. Beyond their initial meeting, Wright and Korinek spent an entire day and night reminiscing about their shared experience. What began with a life-saving rescue transformed into a deep and lasting friendship.

A Testament to Perseverance and Strength

Reflecting on his survival, Wright acknowledges the significance of his military training during his time as an Airborne Ranger in Iraq. The skills he acquired played a pivotal role in his ability to navigate the treacherous waters and overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges. He firmly believes that with determination and resilience, one can conquer even the most daunting of circumstances.

Davey Wright’s story serves as a reminder that, in the face of adversity, the human spirit can prevail. His remarkable journey from a peaceful fishing trip to a battle for survival not only captivates our imagination but also instills a renewed appreciation for courage and the strength of the human will.

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