Kayak Hunting: The Ultimate Waterfowl Adventure


Are you ready for a waterfowling experience like no other? Imagine going where other hunters can’t go and finding birds that other hunters can’t reach. The secret to this success lies in one simple word: kayaks. These lightweight, portable, and maneuverable vessels are the perfect tool for paddling into marshes, swamps, and other remote waters teeming with ducks. Say goodbye to the competition and hello to unparalleled hunting opportunities.

Exploring the Unexplored

Unlocking Inaccessible Locations

“A kayak can take you places regular duck boats can’t,” says Damon Bungard of Jackson Kayak in Sparta, Tennessee. With a kayak, you can effortlessly navigate through narrow channels and shallow waters that are off-limits to other hunters. Leave the discomfort of standing waist-deep in cold water behind and enjoy the comfort of shooting from your kayak. What’s more, a kayak is perfect for quietly paddling towards unsuspecting ducks, providing you with the element of surprise.

The Perfect Watercraft for the Task

Multiple companies offer kayaks and similar one-man boats designed explicitly for waterfowl hunting. Brands like Old Town Canoes and Kayaks, AquaPod, Native Watercraft, and NuCanoe provide options aplenty. You can either customize one of these crafts with a camouflage paint job and hunting accessories or opt for a ready-to-use model such as Jackson Kayak’s Advantage Kilroy. This purpose-built 12-foot fishing kayak comes equipped with Advantage camouflage, built-in storage compartments, and superior stability.

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Discovering New Possibilities

Introducing the Poke Boat

If you’re seeking an alternative to traditional kayaks, the Poke Boat is an excellent choice. With its flatter bottom, wider beam, and reduced weight, this waterfowling dreamboat offers enhanced stability and maneuverability. Phoenix Poke Boat Inc., based in McKee, Kentucky, produces a waterfowling model featuring Advantage Wetlands camo, a removable seat, and footrests. These boats are known for their incredible durability, capable of withstanding heavy loads and rough terrains.

Unleashing the Power of Lightweight

The Poke Boat’s construction materials, including aircraft-quality fiberglass cloth and resins, make it both lightweight and durable. The standard model, measuring 12 feet in length and 32 inches in width, weighs a mere 28 pounds. For those seeking even lighter options, Phoenix offers Poke Boats made of Kevlar and carbon fiber, weighing only 22 and 18 pounds respectively. For ultimate portability, the Micro Poke Boat, a seven-foot-long, 14-pound wonder, can be carried like a suitcase.

Tales of Adventure

Unforgettable Experiences

As an experienced waterfowl hunter, I can attest to the wonders of the Poke Boat. For over two decades, I’ve relied on this incredible vessel to access creeks, backwaters, and flooded fields, immersing myself in thrilling hunting opportunities. With my Poke Boat, I’ve left the crowds behind and explored uncharted territory. Its stability and reliability have never faltered, allowing me to focus solely on the hunt. However, it’s important to note that small crafts like kayaks and Poke Boats should never be taken onto large bodies of water with strong currents or high waves. Safety should always be a priority, and a life vest should be worn at all times.

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Embracing a New Way of Hunting

Forever Captivated

Once you’ve experienced kayak hunting, it’s hard to return to conventional methods. Kayaks open up endless possibilities, allowing you to launch virtually anywhere and access the most far-flung corners of waterways. Paddle into beaver ponds, oxbow lakes, or flooded timber, and set up a few decoys for a successful hunt. Alternatively, load your kayak onto a larger boat and venture to remote backwaters, where you can then unload the kayak and paddle in search of ducks. The freedom and flexibility offered by a kayak are truly unparalleled.

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