The Ultimate Solution for Canoe Transportation

Transporting a canoe to the launch ramp can be a challenging task, requiring a crew of two or three people to load and unload the heavy vessel. However, when faced with this predicament, we discovered a game-changing solution that allows even a single person to handle the process effortlessly. Introducing the Reese Towpower Hitch Mount Canoe Loader – a must-have accessory for all trailer-sailors and canoe enthusiasts.

The Problem of Canoe Transportation

Imagine the convenience of transporting your canoe without the need for a trailer or a crew of helpers. Prior to our discovery, we were faced with the dilemma of cartopping our 17′ Grumman Double-Ender canoe. This method seemed reasonable, but the sheer weight of the canoe, a whopping 70 pounds, made it almost impossible for a single person to load or unload it effectively. We needed a better solution.

Enter the Reese Towpower Hitch Mount Canoe Loader

The Reese Towpower Hitch Mount Canoe Loader revolutionizes the way we transport our canoes. Weighing a mere 18 pounds, this ingenious device consists of a lower receiver tube, an adjustment tube, an upright tube, a 21″ cross support with a rubber strip, a shock cord, and a hardware packet containing essential components such as a hitch pin and bolts for secure installation. Its clever design ensures that even a solo adventurer can effortlessly maneuver their canoe.

Canoe Loader

Effortless Loading and Unloading

Using the Reese Towpower Hitch Mount Canoe Loader is a breeze. To load your canoe, position the stern of the canoe at the rear of your vehicle, with the bow pointing to one side. With the canoe upside down, lift the stern onto the swiveling cross support, which is capable of supporting up to 100 pounds. Secure the canoe with the included shock cord. Next, lift the bow high enough to clear the roof rack, and walk the canoe to the front of the vehicle. Finally, secure the canoe to the roof rack. It’s that simple!

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Canoe Loader

Unleash the Explorer Within

Once installed, the Reese Towpower Hitch Mount Canoe Loader allows you to embark on thrilling adventures without any transportation hurdles. Its heavy-duty construction ensures durability, and assembly is a breeze, requiring only basic hand tools. Even with just one hand, you can effortlessly use the loader once the aft end of the canoe is secured to the cross support. So, get ready to explore new horizons and uncover hidden gems in your local gunkholes with the help of this incredible tool.

Canoe Loader

Added Perks and Recommendations

Keep in mind that the installation of the loader may limit your access to the hatchback of your vehicle until the loader and canoe are removed. For vehicles with automated hatch systems, it is advisable to disable the system while the loader is in use. Additionally, the Reese Towpower Hitch Mount Canoe Loader can be used in conjunction with towing a trailer, thanks to the included adapter that offsets the loader from a hitch ball.

Take the Next Step

If you’re ready to make canoe transportation a breeze, don’t hesitate to check out the Reese Towpower Hitch Mount Canoe Loader. Visit UpStreamPaddle to learn more about this innovative product and embark on your future adventures with peace of mind.

Audrey (Skipper) and Kent Lewis are avid explorers of the Tidewater Region of Virginia, following in the footsteps (or paddle strokes) of Pocahontas and the early English settlers in the area. You can read about their exciting adventures on Small Boat Restoration.

The Hitch Mount Canoe Loader by Reese Towpower is available from various retailers. Prices range from $50 to $80.

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