The Ascend H10 Kayak: Your Perfect Hybrid Companion for Adventure

Are you eagerly anticipating your next kayaking expedition, even in the chilly days ahead? Ascend has just unleashed a game-changer for cold water enthusiasts with the all-new Ascend H10 kayak. This hybrid sit-in/sit-on kayak ingeniously combines the best features of canoes and kayaks, bringing you an unparalleled experience on the water.

Ascend H10 Review

The Perfect Blend of Features

The Ascend H10, a younger sibling to the Ascend H12, provides a more compact version with a length of 10 feet and a width of 31 inches. Weighing a mere 55 pounds, this kayak maintains an impressive weight capacity of up to 400 pounds. Priced at an affordable $599.99, it caters to both novice and seasoned paddlers alike.

Unveiling the Good

Building upon the success of its 12-foot counterpart, the Ascend H10 introduces front and back mesh covers that offer additional storage space. These covers shield your belongings from the sun’s rays or can be conveniently rolled up to make room for a cooler, backpack, camping gear, or even a small child. Unlike the H12, the Ascend H10 boasts both front and back covers made entirely of mesh.

Stability is a core strength of the Ascend H10. Its design allows for standing, fishing, or simply standing and paddling, courtesy of the seat and foot wells positioned below the waterline. Furthermore, the kayak’s sidewalls provide excellent mid-calf support, significantly enhancing stability.

Despite being two feet shorter than the H12, the Ascend H10 offers the same amount of gear track for attaching accessories. This means plenty of real estate to mount GoPros, fish finders, and paddle holders, elevating your kayaking experience.

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The comfortable chair features a vented seat pan that ensures proper ventilation during hot days on the water. It can be adjusted to various locking positions and secured with bungees on each side. If you need to flip the seat up to create more standing space, it moves with ease, thanks to its well-designed pivot point. The seat also includes convenient cup holders for easy access to beverages or bait.

When it comes to performance, the Ascend H10 truly shines. It maintains a steady line and carries the momentum of each paddle stroke without aimless drift. Although aggressive paddlers may experience slight side-to-side nose walk, it remains one of the straightest 10-foot kayaks available.

Room for Enhancement

While the H10 boasts an array of impressive features, there are a few areas that could be improved. For instance, the front and rear mesh covers for the hatches utilize J hooks that can inadvertently snag fishing lines, rods, and other on-deck items. To address this, it would be advantageous to either move the J hooks below deck or adopt a different fastener, such as Velcro, to minimize potential snags.

Additionally, a more elevated seat design, raising it four to six inches off the deck, would be a welcome addition. This enhancement would provide extra storage space underneath the seat, allowing you to bring even more gear on your adventures.

For improved portability, the kayak could benefit from a padded side wall for comfortable shoulder carrying. Weighing just 55 pounds, the Ascend H10 is practically begging to be hoisted over a shoulder and carried effortlessly to the water.

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Lastly, due to the kayak’s tall sidewalls, wind can pose a stability challenge. Incorporating an anchor system or a drift chute system would greatly benefit those paddling in windy areas. Installing a pre-mounted anchor trolley on each side would be a valuable addition to address this issue.

Final Thoughts on the Ascend H10 Kayak

The Ascend H10 is not just a hybrid kayak; it is a versatile vessel suitable for both recreational paddlers and anglers. Its spacious cabin allows for ample gear storage or even a furry paddling companion. Whether you’re seeking a dry and stable kayaking experience or an exciting adventure on the water, the Ascend H10 is the perfect companion. It is effortlessly transportable, fitting snugly in the back of a pickup truck or securely fastened atop a car, making it the ultimate choice for any water enthusiast.

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