The Ultimate Ascend 12t Kayak Review

Are you in search of the perfect kayak for your fishing adventures? Look no further than the Ascend 12t Kayak. In this comprehensive review, we will delve into the features, performance, and everything you need to know about this remarkable watercraft.

Size and Weight

Measuring at an impressive 12 feet in length and 31 inches in width, the Ascend 12t Kayak is built for stability and maneuverability. At the center, it stands at 11 inches in height. Weighing 77 lbs, this kayak strikes a great balance between portability and durability.


With a generous capacity of 350 lbs, the Ascend 12t Kayak can handle all your gear while still delivering top-notch performance. Users have reported outstanding tracking and stability, even with a combined weight of close to 300 lbs.


Ascend’s trademark rotomolded tunnel hull design is a game-changer for kayak enthusiasts. It ensures superior stability and excellent tracking, allowing you to navigate with confidence. The comfortable rubber grab handle located on the bow makes it easy to carry your kayak to the water.

The bow compartment, measuring 22 x 24 inches, offers ample storage space for your gear. Equipped with bungee cords, you can securely stash your belongings or even bring your furry friend along on your kayaking adventures.

The deck is designed with non-slip traction mats, providing you with the freedom to stand up comfortably when needed. The adjustable foot pegs are easy to operate and slide smoothly, ensuring a customized fit for optimal comfort. Additionally, the paddle mount and paddle holder allow for convenient storage during your kayaking excursions.

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The Ascend 12t Kayak features a 14-inch lid that grants access to the storage compartment in the hull. Right behind this access point, you’ll find a small watertight container, a deep-molded cup holder, and tray areas for storing small items. The kayak is also equipped with two 16-inch accessory rails, perfect for mounting electronics such as fish finders or GoPros.

The padded seat, which can be adjusted to three different positions, ensures a comfortable experience during long days out on the water. Unlike its counterparts, the seat is securely attached to the kayak, preventing any unexpected mishaps.

Located just behind the seat are two flush-mounted rod holders with leash eyelets, providing easy access to your fishing gear. The rear storage area, complete with two scupper holes, offers ample space to accommodate larger items like a milk carton or a cooler. D-rings and bungee cords are strategically placed to secure your gear during your adventures.

At the back of the kayak, you’ll find the second rubber grab handle and the drain plug, ensuring easy maintenance and efficient water drainage.


The Ascend 12t Kayak truly excels in the water. Its impressive stability and flat non-skid deck allow you to stand up and cast with ease. While it may not be the fastest kayak in its class, it certainly keeps up well. Maneuvering with this kayak is a breeze, though it’s worth noting that it may not handle tight turns as effectively.

Designed for calmer waters, the Ascend 12t Kayak is your perfect companion for tranquil fishing trips. However, it’s important to mention that heavy rainfall might result in water entering the hull. In such situations, it is recommended to head for land and utilize the drain plug to ensure your comfort and safety.

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Although the kayak boasts durable rotomolded plastic construction, some manufacturing defects have been reported around the rod holder and scupper holes, which can cause minor leaks. However, rest assured that any defects can be addressed and resolved by the manufacturer.

Retailing at approximately $750, the Ascend 12t Kayak represents an excellent choice for beginners venturing into kayak fishing. With its impressive features and exceptional performance, it is a valuable addition to any watercraft collection.

Now that you’re armed with all the information about the Ascend 12t Kayak, it’s time to embark on your fishing adventures and experience the thrill of paddling with this exceptional watercraft. To learn more about the kayak or make a purchase, visit UpStreamPaddle today.