About Us

Welcome to the captivating world of UpStreamPaddle, your ultimate companion for unlocking the secrets of the pristine waterways gracing Southern Queensland and Northern New South Wales. Here, we serve as your North Star of adventure, the wellspring of paddling inspiration, and the gateway to unearthing the hidden treasures lurking just beyond the water’s edge.

Our Noble Purpose

At UpStreamPaddle, our noble purpose is to unite paddlers of all stripes with the astonishing natural wonders and diverse paddling prospects that flourish in this enchanting region. Whether you’re a seasoned kayaker, a devoted stand-up paddleboard aficionado, or a curious novice poised to make your maiden voyage, our mission is to kindle the fires of inspiration, equip you with knowledge, and be your guiding beacon on your aquatic journey.

Meet the Captain of This Ship – Peter Ringland

Steering the helm at UpStreamPaddle is none other than Peter Ringland, an ardent paddler and a fervent advocate for responsible outdoor exploration. With years of traversing the intricate waterways of Southern Queensland and Northern New South Wales under his belt, Peter stands as your unwavering ally on this paddling escapade. His love for these watercourses is matched only by his resolute dedication to safeguarding them for posterity.

What Awaits You at UpStreamPaddle

  • Paddle-Worthy Paradises: Immerse yourself in a curated collection of the most awe-inspiring paddling havens within the region. From placid lakes to meandering rivers and the rugged embrace of the coast, we present exhaustive insights on where to embark, what sights to behold, and what adventures to anticipate.
  • Tailored Paddle Paths: Unearth thoughtfully crafted paddle routes designed to cater to every proficiency level. Whether your heart yearns for a leisurely afternoon glide, a multi-day odyssey, or the heart-pounding thrill of white-water rapids, our routes are sculpted to accommodate your preferences and abilities.
  • Gear and Wisdom: Receive counsel from seasoned experts on selecting the ideal equipment, embracing safety protocols, and internalizing indispensable paddling wisdom to ensure your aquatic experience is not just enjoyable but safe.
  • Community and Festivities: Forge connections with fellow paddlers, share your tales of aquatic exploits, and stay abreast of the latest community events, workshops, and gatherings that adorn the paddling calendar.

Our Pledge to the Environment

UpStreamPaddle is more than just a conduit for relishing the splendor of these waterways—it is a vanguard for their protection. We are unwaveringly committed to endorsing responsible paddling practices that leave minimal footprints on the environment. We actively champion local conservation initiatives and strive to cultivate a community of eco-conscious paddlers who wholeheartedly embrace our mission to safeguard these natural treasures.

Enlist in the UpStreamPaddle Squadron

Whether you wield a paddle with the finesse of a maestro or are a curious neophyte yearning for the thrill of exploration, UpStreamPaddle cordially invites you to embark on a journey of revelation, camaraderie, and adventure. Together, we shall navigate the meandering waters of Southern Queensland and Northern New South Wales, etching indelible memories into the annals of time.

Commence your aquatic odyssey today, and permit UpStreamPaddle to serve as your trusted escort to the wonders of this remarkable region. Join hands with us in celebrating the majesty of our waterways while ensuring they endure for generations to come. Together, we shall paddle upstream, weaving a tapestry of unforgettable experiences.