Burpengary Creek

Burpengary Creek flows into Deception Bay just south of the mouth of the Caboolture River, which is itself south of Bribie Island. View above is from the mouth of Burpengary Creek looking south to the suburb of Deception Bay.

Downstream access is from Uhlmann Road at Burpengary. There is a concrete boat ramp on the southern bank of the Caboolture River. The mouth of Burpengary Creek is reached by paddling downstream to Deception Bay, and turning right to follow the shoreline a little south. This section is recommended for high tide. There is a small amount of sandy beach at the mouth of the Caboolture River, but sandflies will probably stop you from landing, if there is no wind.

The upstream launch point is at the end of O'Leary Avenue, Deception Bay. There is a small concrete ramp, and the creek is small enough for the mangrove branches from trees on both sides, to join overhead, above your canoe. The distance from O'Learys ramp to the Uhlmann Road ramp is eight and a half kilometres, if you take the shortcut across the creek loops near the mouth. The journey one way, or a return trip, is recommended for the variety of environment and vegetation encountered on the way. After the closed in creek, the wide expanse of Moreton Bay beckons. Nothing but open seas all the way out to Moreton Island visible on the horizon.

On longer paddle trips consider the effects of falling tides and strong winds. Two hours before and after a high tide are recommended for paddling. The bottom shelves out gently in Deception Bay, so you may have to go a lot further distance if you try to gain the mouth of the Caboolture River from the mouth of Burpengary Creek, at low tide.

If you enjoy paddling the bayside, and can time your paddle for early morning, a high tide, and low wind, a paddle from the suburb of Deception Bay along the foreshore to Beachmere suburb, or further should be very pleasant.


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O'Leary Av. boat ramp overhead tree canopy downstream from O'Leary ramp Burpengary Creek, lower section Uhlmann Road ramp in Caboolture River
O'Leary Ave ramp
downstream from O'Leary
lower Burpengary Ck.
Uhlmann Rd. ramp